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  1. Last update of the night before bed: 7" in Yonkers, still snowing moderately. That means we added 1.5" in the last hour here
  2. The only thing we were missing with this one was a large shield of back-end moisture because of the low's forward rate of speed (it is moving fast) and the fact it deepened late
  3. Will do one more measurement at 1:30 before calling it a night. We are actually seeing some pivoting of snow bands in the NYC area
  4. Added about 1.5" in slightly less than an hour in Yonkers. 5.5" and snowing moderately
  5. Snow bands are trying to pivot a bit but the general motion of the storm is NE
  6. 4" in Yonkers and snowing heavily. 2 more hours of this and the forecast verifies
  7. Earlier in the thread I was wondering why the models didn't have a lot of back end snow with a 990 or so low pressure system taking a perfect track towards the benchmark. Now we are seeing some snow being thrown into the NW quadrant of a low that is bombing out off the coast
  8. This looks like the main event, enjoy. The low bombing out earlier than expected was a pleasant surprise for us snow lovers
  9. And if that slug of moisture near Delaware ever reaches NYC and the tri-state area, we could have a few thundersnow reports
  10. Finally some classic nor'easter style big snowflakes...this should pile up quickly even if it is the wet type of snow
  11. Snowing heavily now in Yonkers. I think about 3" fell before this but an inch of that compacted so this will form the bulk of our total starting now into the overnight hours
  12. Rain/snow line looks like it's moving towards Philly if not already there. Perhaps there's the northward motion from the coastal low taking over which will lead to the enhanced snow rates in the NYC area and New England
  13. Snow picking up substantially in Yonkers. Sidewalks and roads getting covered with a very wet snow. I could see a ratio as low as 5:1 due to compaction. 32 degrees
  14. Reporting the same just north of you in lower Westchester
  15. Snow finally sticking to sidewalks in Yonkers. 32.7 degrees, dewpoint 32
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