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  1. Yes, anything is possible, but that scenario is unlikely
  2. And DTX continues with current headlines...no adjustments All said, no plans with the afternoon forecast package to adjust the ongoing winter weather headlines. The combination of the stronger forcing and longer residence time positioned to the north maintains higher confidence for a warning level snowfall accumulation (>7") to focus along/north of the I-69 corridor. Recent probability guidance trending toward a slightly more contracted event for areas to the south, indicating the core of this event landing in that 5-7 hour window /centered between 9 am and 3 pm/ before the mid level dry slot arrives mid-late afternoon.
  3. And as usual from DTX There are a couple of major issues that need further attention. The first is the potential for a midlevel dry slot to lift into Southeast Michigan during the afternoon hours and wreak havoc to the rates. Never fails
  4. Southeast Michigan does always seem to be bypassed by a lot of the major storms
  5. Can someone show what the latest EURO shows compared to latest GFS
  6. Please post GFS maps if possible..thx
  7. Yes, and with clippers they are pretty fast moving
  8. Like all storms, it really comes down to a day or two to get anything pinned down
  9. That's true...the time we invest in these things is ridiculous to then be let down 9 out of 10 times...
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