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  1. Most of them complaining will probably be from those outside of the risk area, I think those within the high risk area understand the potential and risks involved with such forecasts. Had it been in a not so climatological area I would agree with the overhype. Really think most in the area spared the consequences will be happy with the "bust" and thankful what could have been didn't occur.
  2. Eh, they could already have prearranged permission. TWC features a lot of chaser content and live feeds anymore. Days like today are the only times I ever watch them amd I have since switched to Philles @ Cubs game.
  3. I'm glad Forbes is only semi-retired. Once he is fully retired TWC will officially be dead to me.
  4. To it's SW. This would be so m7ch easier of you could choose multiple uploads at same time.
  5. Doesn't look like any major changes on SWODY1, still 45% tornado
  6. And of course Radarscope starting to get quirky. Might not subscribe to it again if they don't use the money to upgrade it. Never fails. Latest scans finally, 2 in TX
  7. Both TX tornado warnings tightening up and getting appendages again.
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