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  1. Just to be clear on my question, I wasn't disputing it, first thought was reading comes in and Joe says to Bob "Holy @$#!, are you seeing what I'm seeing?", Bob replies "Record that #@$! Again!"
  2. With those 2 readings less than a minute apart, I wonder if they forced a second reading when they seen it update at 4:35 to double check it?
  3. They actually issued a report at 4:45, high temp was 94 would have happened between hourly recordings, but they do not have the dewpoint at time temp was recorded. If it was still 79 then 112 was the HI. If it was 78 then Max heat indice would still be 110.
  4. Looks like we peaked at 93/79/110. Won't know for certain until the daily report is issued
  5. Fair 92°F 33°C Humidity 66% Wind Speed S 10 mph Barometer 29.90 in (1011.9 mb) Dewpoint 79°F (26°C) Visibility 10.00 mi Heat Index 109°F (43°C) Last update 19 Jul 1:52 pm CDT
  6. not actually my ceiling fan, picture I seen last night and was a little intoxicated.
  7. So humid here in Illinois, my ceiling fan in the shed has wilted.
  8. @i70split you mentioned having family in Greenfield amd a farm in Pike County. Pike was probably a bit far, but have you heard anything from anyone in the area today? Seems a bit odd anf has me intrigued.
  9. Thanks, it'll loosen up with time. Think I'm going to see about getting a CT scan or whatever they use to look at discs. I had to mow though. We got just enough rain, and at the end of the day, that it will thrive in the tropical airmass coming up. Would have had to mow it twice if not
  10. Toradol and Flexeril started helping out the back a bit so I took advantage of the outflow that moved through and the breaking apart rain to mow the yard. Got a bit dicey at the end as the lightning started increasing. Had a couple look to the aky and almost let go of the mower moments but got it done. No way am I mowing in the upcoming heat and tweaked my back monday evening when I was about to start.
  11. I'm not sure what the corn looks like around here, most everyone had to plant so late they went with beans. Beans are only about 4" tall most places I have seen. Looks like the line might dive too much SSE and miss me here.
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