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  1. Its actually snowing here,a day before my bday jeeze Last flakes of the year hopefully! Its 41 degrees and dropping
  2. we never mixed here, all snow. . bit surprising. I want in on this 50 talk! ended with 3.5 , not bad!
  3. Your not joking, flying back Saturday but just wow out here, and this is at 5900 feet in Truckee, ca . .the snow is crazy out here . .roof sledding anyone? Hoping this storm doesn't mess with my flight back, landing sat at 11pm at bdl
  4. light flurries here, temp 28 That HRRR looks interesting, goes from sleet to snow once the heavy thump gets here hmmm , see if that happens. . .not holding my breath
  5. got about 3 inches here, heavy sleet for awhile, roads still completely covered plows and salt can only do so much at 15 degrees. . sleet/snow is coming down heavy still Getting ready for the lull then expecting some ZR with next slug of moisture. I'm waiting to do the driveway until maybe tomorrow morning or afternoon If i do now i'm afraid
  6. Shouldn't be virga for too long, it actually saturated pretty quick but we do have some nice banding on radar. Snow is really coming down, roads are a sh*t show already. Just another 4 hours until i'm out of work. Went home for lunch, not the wisest decision . Vis has to be down to 1/8 mile or less. We have almost an inch already! temp is down to 15.8, from 19 earlier.
  7. Still virga here, Think it's going to start any min The ride back home tonight is going to be sketchy
  8. Nice observation, Cold morning here but not as cold as you, we're sitting at 15 degrees atm. Is it just me or does this storm seem like dajavu ? Snow, sleet then some ice. Lastly, rain (possibly)
  9. This one will be interesting tomorrow. Talk about a wall of dry air wow Dendritic Layer RH and Omega The relative humidity (RH) and upward vertical motion (Omega) are displayed for the dendritic growth layer (defined here as the layer with temperatures from -12 to -17 C). Strong ascent and saturated conditions in this layer supports rapid growth of dendritic cyrstals, which favors heavy snow production. Potential melting below the dendritic layer must be considered when evaluating snowfall potential. Also, please keep in mind that these real-time fields reflect the 1-h RAP model forecast of temperature, moisture, and omega aloft, and are subject to any biases in the model forecast itself.
  10. Congrats everyone who cashed in! Sounds like a nice little event!
  11. Wow, it looks like a summertime storm is coming, got very dark . . Gonna be interesting
  12. For those looking for this in a loop, its pretty cool https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/exper/?parms=local-Pennsylvania-02-48-1-100-1&checked=map&colorbar=undefined
  13. Ended up with 3 1/2 inches here, not bad! Roads were not bad this morning snow squall's later?
  14. not bad, heavy snow. .about 4 inches so far, temp 27.3 Thses were a little bit ago
  15. 27 here now and snowing pretty hard, starting to accumulate :) im sorry stretch! You were hanging tough today, and it was cold
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