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US Wild Weather

Extreme active pattern across the entire US continues, what does it mean for your region? Join the conversion


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  1. This storm has been an absolute disaster! Lol! Did it take on a shot of dry air as it entered the lakes? Pretty unimpressive so far. Thankfully theres some squalls in the forecast tomorrow as well
  2. Front end thump was a spectacular bust up here, Georgian Bay seems to be repelling the storm. Maybe 3-4cm snow with ice pellets now and a dry slot not too far off
  3. 12z NAM. Somehow the highest total of the entire storm is right on top of me. Not getting my hopes up too much however 😂
  4. A bit late, but here are some pics from last week. From the 21st to the 31st, we were buried in 130+cm of snow between 3 rounds of squalls and two decent storms. Unfortunately this only lasted a couple days before this damn warm spell. That being said though, we still have 40-50cm of snow pack as of right now.
  5. Things are pretty much shut down up here. Every road in Grey and Bruce county has been closed since last night with abandoned vehicles all over the place. Nothing in Owen Sound is open. Might be in for as much as 12 hours more of squalls. I will post some pictures later today.
  6. Its pretty wild up here. The last storm of this magnitude was Jan. 2014, theres a chance someone might wind up with 100cm out of this. All highways into Owen Sound are now closed, and plows are being pulled off the roads. It takes a lot to do that!
  7. Blizzard warnings now out for the upper peninsula of Michigan and Western NY. I am wondering if EC will pull the trigger on one for areas surrounding Georgian bay as it appears like all the criteria will be met, especially tonight.
  8. With lake Erie closing in on 80 percent ice coverage, I'm amazed at how much lake effect snow is still being generated. 23cm last night in NW Grey county and a few more so far today. This puts us up to +/- 90cm since last Monday.
  9. NAM 3k at 1am Tuesday. If this scenario pans out, Grey-Bruce is going to get buried. Bring it on!
  10. EC being ultra conservative with amounts, basically saying a general 10 to 15 cm. They must using the 10:1 ratio or something. Lol
  11. Received 32 cm here on Friday
  12. EC calling for the potential of 30cm plus tonight from the mega band. Someone is going to get pasted
  13. Quick 15cm this morning as a strong band stalled out over thw Sauble Beach/Owen sound/Thornbury area for a couple hours. Not a bad start!
  14. Finally, the pattern we've been waiting for, with a lake effect snow outbreak looking likely over the next 6-7 days. Mixed in with a possible storm for Monday/Tuesday, this looks like it has potential to be a good week. The NAM 3k shows this monster band with not just one, but two upstream connections stalling for several hours around southern gbay tomorrow night
  15. sbp_01

    January 23-24 precipitation event

    This unexpected lead band has been stationary over us for 3 hours now. Some freezing rain now too 😐