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  1. I’d like to know why nobody( forecasters) can’t predict anything past 24 hours. Seems they are all just guessing. Are we getting the heat this weekend? EC has GTA 27-28 degrees while others are more in the low 20’s
  2. Take this Saturday June 1st some have +21 and no rain others have cooler temperatures from 17-19 and with rain this just 48 hours away
  3. Anyone know why all weather agencies have different forecasts? seems nobody can predict the weather beyond 24 hours. All websites and local news all have different opinions. Is it the time of year?
  4. Tml78

    Weather forecasts

    Just wondering why most forecasts are changing almost seems by the hour? Is it the time of year? Nobody can forecast the weather beyond 24 hours it seems. Every weather agency has different forecasts from temperature differences to precipitation.
  5. Ya I was going to ask the same thing
  6. Tml78

    End Of Snow?

    Looking at a few different weather sites and looks like mild weather showing on all of them for the next 10-14 days. Is this the end of snow for southern ontario?
  7. Ya I wanted to say.. it’s -6 out and lots of melting going on. It’s been like this for a good 3 weeks. When the suns out melting happens even when it’s well below freezing. Any word on the possible snow Wednesday? CTV news yesterday said another possible 10-15cm for the GTA.
  8. So looks like the GTA won’t get the 20cms that was advertised with most of the models. Looks like the GFS was onto something.
  9. Cp24 has rain for Toronto around the dinner hour according to the future radar. Hopefully things will change and get snow that time
  10. Thanks. I’m sure it could still change a little bit, but great to have an idea
  11. What’s the timeline for the storm to hit the GTA?
  12. Are we getting up to double digits this overnight? Seems it’s taking a long time. Still just +1 here in Mississauga. Should of been 6 degrees already according to the hourly forecasts with EC and TWN
  13. I see on EC radar lots of narrow snow squalls. Any insight on how much more snow this will bring?
  14. So looks like yyz will be very close to 30cm Im guessing. Currently -4 and looks like in a few hours temps will be dropping.
  15. According to Ross Hull YYZ reporting 22cm . I’m guessing 25 is very possible
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