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  1. Current temp 31.5 (up from 29.7 at 1:45pm). Dew point 29.4 (up from 27). Moderate to heavy snow falling steady. 3.4 total inches so far. Wow. I "tried" to keep my expectations low for this storm and we're getting more than I expected. Hmmm, maybe I should try that for every storm? Nah, where's the fun in being rational.
  2. 29.7 degrees, dew point 27. Light to moderate snow falling steady. I just finished a 4 hour drive. Roads are well treated. I didn't see much accumulation on roads until the last hour or so.
  3. First time poster....long time lurker from Accu. 1. How much snow would you be thrilled with? 4" 2. How much snow would you be disappointed with? 3.999 3. How much do you think you will get? 3.997
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