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  1. Looks headed for Wright Patt, or am I reading that wrong?
  2. Right there with you. I'm a little less than an hour ENE of Fort Wayne
  3. I'll take lightning and thunder, but I'm anti-tornado. Fair?
  4. That would make me very happy. I have dogs at home, one with severe anxiety (with loud noises/storms). I am not a fan when it comes to when the "ingredients" are right for tornadic conditions. It is rainy and cloudy here in Defiance right now.
  5. Local mets are saying around 1/4 inch before commute. North into Michigan could see more, but for us, around 1/4 inch. Makes for a not so pleasant morning for most.
  6. I'd rather have no snow than the ZR that NW Ohio is going to get. :(
  7. I like that a whole lot better than the last I saw. Thanks!
  8. First time poster here, does anyone have the updated ZR maps for NW Ohio for this storm?
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