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  1. I’m in the enhanced tomorrow so if it holds true and strengthens through early evening tomorrow I’ll probably have some cool pictures and lots of wind
  2. Why isn’t this tornado warned???
  3. I haven’t been following much this evening because frankly I didn’t expect to be in the tornado watch. What a complex system moving through tonight, conditions will remain favorable throughout the night and Im going to end up seeing this complex in 2-3 hours
  4. Probably won’t happen but a lone supercell is shown on 15z coming through my county tonight
  5. Big boy parameters for so late into the night tomorrow
  6. Honestly I thought it was over, MONSTER HP supercell wow!!
  7. Today’s certainly going to be interesting for my neck of the woods, could see some pretty strong wind. Two supercells north of me, too close together though.
  8. Had tornado sirens go off for high winds and whole trees blowing over pretty good line 24D7723D-C5DE-4B56-A0C5-29B5197CBC45.MOV
  9. As I say that, but I think they issued that county kind of late and should’ve already extended it to my county
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