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  1. Smallest cell I’ve ever seen a confirmed tornado on 😂
  2. Got some good lightning out of the deal, I’m happy
  3. Here’s a better look of the structure looks like maybe lenticular clouds up top?
  4. I was on that storm just before it went tornado warned, as it crossed the Wabash river. Got a bad picture of a lowering and that’s the best I could get. Storms were moving too fast for me to follow once it crossed the river
  5. 5% tornado risk for me this afternoon, could be a nasty evening. I think it will depend on the atmospheres ability to recover from this mornings rounds of storms
  6. That’s what I was thinking, that was right over my house, I couldn’t help but go sit outside and watch the storms roll by. In spectacular fashion every storm missed Lawrence county (my county), so I got to see everything from a nice distance.
  7. Anyone know what type of clouds these are?
  8. Everyone I’m finally dead center in an enhanced risk!!! Probably unwarranted and won’t hold up to the threat level, but I’ll take it🤣
  9. I’ve had a blast covering this long drawn out event, but let me say, I’m glad that it’s finally over!
  10. It truly was one of those things that surprised all of us that are meteorologists/ studying to be one. In Ohio the chances of a day with discrete cells forecasted and then turning into an MCS instead is like 50/50😂😂
  11. Haha that’s awesome, yeah I live in Lawrenceville
  12. I really love an early morning boomer. Well this will probably last longer than early morning lol
  13. Looks like my fear about tomorrow for the southern portion of Illinois was warranted, I get the enhanced on Day 1
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