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  1. Sorry to hear that. Glad they are safe though.
  2. Experienced storm chaser just reported to local met on live tv that the Dayton area damage looks to be at least EF3...
  3. Yes, now under a tornado warning here in NW Delaware County.
  4. As far as local mets go...I think NBC4 has the best severe weather coverage at the moment.
  5. Frozen precip showing up on radar in SE Indiana - can anyone local confirm? Also, heck of a rain/wind storm overnight last night here. Would have been an awesome winter storm if this were Jan/Feb.
  6. Tornado-warned cell passed about 20 miles to the north. Sirens went off. Here's how it looked as it departed quickly...
  7. Is this a mid-Jan. snow map or mid-April!? Geesh
  8. Absolutely nothing here - I think the only models that consistently showed a shutout IMBY were the GFS & Canadian. Now let's get on with spring...
  9. Unless radar fills in, the backside of the meaningful returns are already pushing into Union Co. - a dusting may be asking too much at this point
  10. 34 & all snow now - but man, that dry air is quickly eating away at the backside moisture. Lowering my expectations to a dusting
  11. Changeover in progress - lots of sleet hitting the windows. Temp down to 36.
  12. 38 (it was 42 about 15 minutes ago) - radar now showing frozen precip about 10 miles north
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