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  1. Looks like there could be some storms shortly. Too lazy to make a a new thread so just gonna keep it in here for now.
  2. I was laughing at the ICON yesterday because it was showing a 980 mb near the coast... now seeing the trends, maybe that wasn't a wise move...
  3. Completely fizzled out here. Might not get any more rain for the rest of the night!
  4. Looks like the storms are petering out IMBY. Not much down the pipeline... at least for now.
  5. Sounds like this is CTG... Extremely loud thunder and very frequent.
  6. 1524 sudden increase in rain and wind, very heavy lightning loud thunder, loss of power. Getting out fast, not sure how long I will have service.
  7. Bone dry at the high school. Could see thunder and flashes in the clouds to the north and south but blue skies overhead. Gapped there. Back IMBY, 0.59". Looks like it was heavy. Steam is rising from the roads. Hot. To add to the pain, the car blew its air conditioning hose in dramatic fashion today...
  8. Completely dry here in Sandy Hook. Storms all around but nothing here yet.
  9. You still here buddy?

    1. Poconosnow


      Sure am.  Not as active right now but you can always find away to reach me by posting on here or sending me a message. 🙂

  10. Solstice

    Luna Moth

    I only see those at nighttime on the windows! Must be cool to see in the daylight.
  11. Seems like a dustbowl in the Canada section. Not sure where everyone went.
  12. The only flooding I really get here! This next round pushed me to 0.74" total. So 0.53" from this.
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