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  1. Based off @Phased Vort's opening post, this thread corresponds to a system originating from around the GOMEX, so based off the CMC run I posted, it would be the first wave. The second wave would be the one still over CONUS, a different storm. Though I'm just posting the CMC, can you post a GIF? For some reason pivotalweather isn't working for me. Edit: Or even better, could you highlight which storms you are referring to? I'm kinda confused in general what's happening...
  2. Yup, this one corresponds to the "first" wave based off the opening post.
  3. Solstice

    November 14-16, 2018 | MidAtl/NE | Winter Storm

    The first major winter storm for the MidAtl/NE region of the 2018-19 North American Winter.
  4. Well folks, it should be no surprise that we have been in an abnormally cold pattern. Yet, it continues, with a peak around Thanksgiving. GFS long loop, including past temperatures. As you can see, the temperatures are unusually cold. And then the polar air arrives around the 21st. GFS loop of 2 meter air temperatures. Verbatim, parts of PA, CT, NY remain below freezing for about 2 days, while the northern tier will struggle to reach the 20s. WOW. The ICON has been pretty good at forecasting temperatures. Just one look at the 2 meter temperatures is enough to make me go . I'll include the GEM as well, as it also shows the polar air of similar magnitude. Here's an ICON long loop, just to show where the air comes from. Arctic Oscillation Index. All sticking very low.
  5. Still just a delay here and no signs of closing. Bus has to use the snow chains.
  6. Annoying school gonna make me miss the backend stuff .
  7. Temperature falling like a rock, down to below freezing again... Just barely too far south. Ice pellets and raindrops...
  8. Danbury Municipal Airport down to 0.5 mile visibilities, and snow...
  9. I think I've heard that my school district can't change its decision once its made... so this will be interesting.
  10. Backend snow incoming! Looks to be quite robust. "Interesting" decision from school to delay and put us right into the path of the backend.
  11. Here's my snowpack OBS. I don't recommend using headphones... the volume level is very "swingy."
  12. Microflakes to sleet to freezing rain. Ending hourly observations. Snowfall maxed out at 7.0". Rather anticlimactic end, I must say.
  13. Proof of sleet, slow motion. 20181115_212327.mp4
  14. Measurement flaws! My snowboard location was wrong. Just measured 7.0" on a white table that was left outside, opposed to the 5.3" on the snowboard. Might have to do with trees overhead, as opposed to the table. This also brings me more in-line with the other OBS I've been seeing. Going to multiply each number by (7/5.3) in a hope of getting a decently accurate hourly total. The SWE should be completely accurate though, that's the rain gauge.
  15. Turned to sleet at around 8:50.