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  1. The blasts of thunder have started. I forgot how much I enjoy hearing them. Edit - rain commenced at 23:48.
  2. This was perfect. Thank you. Nothing better than a one-on-one beach chat as the sun rises. Thank you for that.
  3. Prom day tomorrow! HRRR showing a mild thunderstorm threat. NAM and HRDPS remain on the dry side but the instability is still there... a toss up. I'm going to side with the "rainy" portion as the HRDPS shows a small cell IMBY, albeit not to the extent of the HRRR. Funny watching people getting upset with the prom rain! Welcome to the rainforest Connecticut! .
  4. Funny, I was researching geomagnetic storms and the Carrington Event about a week ago! @MaineJay you staying up for this? Think @Cignus and myself are too far south.
  5. So much rain lately I temporarily gave up on the daily OBS. Ran out of time this morning so had to leave it!
  6. Well, that was a very long time until "tomorrow!" This was the best I got. Pretty terrible - something was not going right that night. I suspect fogging due to the repeated trips indoors and outdoors.
  7. My pseudoscientific "theory" on this is that when a tree falls, the gap left behind by the crown allows the wind to accelerate unobstructed, leading to a higher windspeed on the nearby trees as well as a greater torque through the crown of surroundings trees. Obviously take with a massive grain of salt. I just can't explain it any other way .
  8. BIG chunk of thunder-producing system approaching. Lights flickering in school, this one has a punch.
  9. Consistent rain rates. I sense a big rain collection in the gauge tomorrow.
  10. IMBY stuff saved in order to keep the opener "neutral." These fellas won't be happy! Also, there is a lot of "stream expansion" with the areas next to streams being very muddy. Perhaps a consequence of the extreme amounts of precipitation we received in the past couple months?
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