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  1. *checks radar* Ah, nothing there. Dry end to the day. Hmm, specs of dust on the screen, might as well clean it off... hmm it won't rub off... wait a second, what the f**k?
  2. Nice gusty wind out of the Northwest providing some respite from the sun.
  3. I don't see any lightning coming off these storms near NYC. Maybe they're just heavy rainstorms?
  4. After looking at the lightning maps, here are what I believe are the active cells.
  5. Wall of gray to the west, but hey, at least it is picturesque.
  6. I'll give a little bit, I'll give a little bit of my life for you...
    So give a little bit, give a little bit of your time to me...
    See the man with the lonely eyes... Oh, take his hand, you'll be surprised...

    1. idecline


      idee used to love 'SuperTramp' way back in the late '70's and early 80's...idee was a big 'Progressive Rock' fan back then...Breakfast in America was a 'little bit' pop, but the hooks and sentiment of the music still stands...

    2. idecline


      ...and speaking about music...idee saw your statement "No Day Is Ever Perfect"...well check out "Perfect Day" ~ Lou Reed...and one of my all time favorite songs, "This Is The Day" and also "Perfect" by THe The, a highly under-rated band from the 1980's...Matt Johnson was a great musician, the album 'Soul Mining' was very good, another great track is  'Uncertain Smile'...

  7. Mein gott! I did NOT expect that radar to look like this.
  8. Weird day today. Almost felt like a tropical storm was approaching. In other news I found EAB in my town. .
  9. Wow, this is some horrific fog. Could only see a car length ahead at points, not exaggerating. Very difficult conditions... @StretchCT how's it looking up by you? Submitted a LSR.
  10. Constant spray of heavy rain here, pulsing in intensity. No real severe aspects, aside from the occasional thunderblast.
  11. I would say a new thread based off the Vorticity maps, and that severe weather does have different characteristics and areas impacted day to day. However, I am very new to severe weather, just enjoy watching it - no real clue in forecasting it, so if you want to continue on this thread speak up.
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