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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. Only one snowfall >2" here during meteorological winter (Dec, Jan, Feb) at 2.8" of snow for the 2/12/19 storm.

    Outside of meteorological winter, three snowfalls >2" at 11.0", 7.0", and 3.8".

    We just could not hook a storm up in winter, there was always something wrong with it. Maybe I'll make a blog post: The Winter of 2018-2019 - What Went Wrong?

    1. SoDakFarmer


      6th highest all time seasonal snowfall here.  Probably top 5 windiest winters as well.  I'll share!

  2. Look what pops up behind the main system. Mass of vorticity - this is what is causing the snow to spread across CT in the back-end... something to watch but at the moment I believe it's a bit "overmodeled" in terms of overall QPF but we could see some squally bits... ULL slowly reeling in the surface low, that's why the solutions are jumping all over the place. Should be interesting to check modeling accuracy against the observations in the morning...
  3. It's always going to be on a knife-edge with this system, just the nature of the system. Some areas will boom big, some areas will bust big... one thing that's certain is this is a big QPF event for the entire region.
  4. First blast of rain passed. Parents thought it had turned out a dud. Incorrect. Look at storm cell motion, directly NE so that big red blob is bearing down. As I type, the biggest lightning blast came down. Looked like cloud-to-ground based off lightning. And now the rain is picking up. The blob is here. Happening so fast...
  5. Some self-praise here: gonna pick up some major street weather-cred at my school, I said thunderstorms would happen. Though whether that excuses my failures on winter storms though !
  6. 8:05 PM - gust front has arrived. Can feel the pressure, everything is in motion. The thunderstorm season BEGINS!
  7. Glorious lightshow outside. Peaceful before the storm. Flash. Flash. Flash.
  8. Starting to build up. Barely any eastward movement so far... here's a look at the OKX Long Range loop.
  9. This snowpack was dense enough that even with warm temperatures, it was a slow release of water into the ground. Just starting to get dry spots here, thunderstorm in a couple hours though. Funny how that works.
  10. Almost 66°F here. Feels like spring. Except the skies are gray and I know it will be raining in mere hours. The mud has returned. These hot temperatures have ensured the snowpack melted slowly into the ground so it stays nice and soggy. Perfect.
  11. Possible thunder tonight? Get those gauges ready.
  12. 11.0" of snow. 12.5" snowdepth. March has arrived.
  13. Just took this photo from inside. SUPER impressed with the phone camera - zero flash, zero exterior lighting... Just pressed up against a window and using the manual settings. AMAZING.
  14. +SN, very sticky, very wet, trees and limbs being weighed down, already very covered and only going to get worse...
  15. Snowcover may be there but the snowpack temperature is stills far too high. Snowpack currently has that "melty" look with striations all over it, so I don't think it'll have too much of an impact unless it refreezes overnight...