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  1. From the album: Solstice's Gallery

    Nice after-prom soulful conversation with this in the background.
  2. The blasts of thunder have started. I forgot how much I enjoy hearing them. Edit - rain commenced at 23:48.
  3. This was perfect. Thank you. Nothing better than a one-on-one beach chat as the sun rises. Thank you for that.
  4. Prom day tomorrow! HRRR showing a mild thunderstorm threat. NAM and HRDPS remain on the dry side but the instability is still there... a toss up. I'm going to side with the "rainy" portion as the HRDPS shows a small cell IMBY, albeit not to the extent of the HRRR. Funny watching people getting upset with the prom rain! Welcome to the rainforest Connecticut! .
  5. Funny, I was researching geomagnetic storms and the Carrington Event about a week ago! @MaineJay you staying up for this? Think @Cignus and myself are too far south.
  6. So much rain lately I temporarily gave up on the daily OBS. Ran out of time this morning so had to leave it!
  7. Well, that was a very long time until "tomorrow!" This was the best I got. Pretty terrible - something was not going right that night. I suspect fogging due to the repeated trips indoors and outdoors.
  8. My pseudoscientific "theory" on this is that when a tree falls, the gap left behind by the crown allows the wind to accelerate unobstructed, leading to a higher windspeed on the nearby trees as well as a greater torque through the crown of surroundings trees. Obviously take with a massive grain of salt. I just can't explain it any other way .
  9. BIG chunk of thunder-producing system approaching. Lights flickering in school, this one has a punch.
  10. Consistent rain rates. I sense a big rain collection in the gauge tomorrow.
  11. IMBY stuff saved in order to keep the opener "neutral." These fellas won't be happy! Also, there is a lot of "stream expansion" with the areas next to streams being very muddy. Perhaps a consequence of the extreme amounts of precipitation we received in the past couple months?
  12. Quite the super soaker coming up. NAM 3k. I would disregard the hyper-localization at this point - this model does not get specifics down well, especially at this range. I would say 1"+ is fairly likely in most areas. HRDPS. I like the "flatness" of the precipitation this model produces, always seems to paint a good picture, at least in my mind. Here's a GIF of its simulated radar. Couple of tidbits out of OKX. Area Forecast Discussion National Weather Service New York NY 331 PM EDT Thu Apr 25 2019 Considering the high amount of rain the region has received recently, and the forecasted rainfall amounts, I would say the flooding threat is quite likely. Especially in areas where thunderstorms decide to deluge on.
  13. Might as well extend it another day. More rain. Efficient collection.
  14. 1.27" at 10:00 AM. Just passed 4" for the month of April.
  15. Rounds of rain and showers will be the common theme right into May for the Eastern third of the nation. This will be accompanied by cooler than normal temps for most areas as a series of cold fronts move through with each passing disturbance. Severe weather is a threat in southern areas as well as the upper Mississippi Valley into the Ohio River Valley. Brief surges of warmth and tropical humidity preceding these disturbances will set the stage for heavier rain and Thunderstorms as well. With the ground saturated and rivers and streams swollen from previous rain, flooding is likely and dangerous conditions could be intensified by any additional rain.
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