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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. First blast of rain passed. Parents thought it had turned out a dud. Incorrect. Look at storm cell motion, directly NE so that big red blob is bearing down. As I type, the biggest lightning blast came down. Looked like cloud-to-ground based off lightning. And now the rain is picking up. The blob is here. Happening so fast...
  2. Some self-praise here: gonna pick up some major street weather-cred at my school, I said thunderstorms would happen. Though whether that excuses my failures on winter storms though !
  3. 8:05 PM - gust front has arrived. Can feel the pressure, everything is in motion. The thunderstorm season BEGINS!
  4. Glorious lightshow outside. Peaceful before the storm. Flash. Flash. Flash.
  5. Starting to build up. Barely any eastward movement so far... here's a look at the OKX Long Range loop.
  6. This snowpack was dense enough that even with warm temperatures, it was a slow release of water into the ground. Just starting to get dry spots here, thunderstorm in a couple hours though. Funny how that works.
  7. Almost 66°F here. Feels like spring. Except the skies are gray and I know it will be raining in mere hours. The mud has returned. These hot temperatures have ensured the snowpack melted slowly into the ground so it stays nice and soggy. Perfect.
  8. Possible thunder tonight? Get those gauges ready.
  9. The Northern Lights were visible from Mount Washington yesterday.
  10. 11.0" of snow. 12.5" snowdepth. March has arrived.
  11. Just took this photo from inside. SUPER impressed with the phone camera - zero flash, zero exterior lighting... Just pressed up against a window and using the manual settings. AMAZING.
  12. +SN, very sticky, very wet, trees and limbs being weighed down, already very covered and only going to get worse...
  13. Snowcover may be there but the snowpack temperature is stills far too high. Snowpack currently has that "melty" look with striations all over it, so I don't think it'll have too much of an impact unless it refreezes overnight...
  14. I wonder how long it will take to begin sticking. Temperatures in the high 30s, low 40s and rain to start off because of a warm boundary layer? Yikes... might take a while before the snow actually begins to accumulate, might have to account for that and subtract it from the "potential snowfall" numbers...
  15. I hope so - haven't had a single WSW this winter season...
  16. This has the opportunity to be the most memorable storm of the season for CT - wide SREF spread, high "top-end" snow and 20% chances of greater than 8" of snow. I enter with high hopes - it is March after all. Another thing about March snowstorms vs. January snowstorms is the snow is stickier. Look at the progged surface temperatures during this storm, hovering just around freezing. Another sticky snow event, similar to 3/7/18 means more damaging impacts for trees. Especially after the recent windstorm, we could have power outage issues.
  17. I guess the models were right, it performed up to forecast. Bad call on schools - roads are snow covered and it's currently snowing and no delay? They need some consistency...
  18. Surprised to not even see a HWO for this, could make for a sneaky mess in the morning.
  19. Looks like two separate storms being covered by this thread... hard to split them considering the time between systems but a look at vorticity shows two clear systems... hmm... what to do.
  20. Solstice

    February 27-28, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Got home to a light coating on previous snow surfaces. Looks like the first wave did make it through. Currently 22.8°F and no precipitation. As for my recent absence - been extremely busy, particularly driving - put on 5000 miles within the past two weeks. Good to see the SNE snowshields are still up and running...
  21. Solstice

    February 24-25, 2019 | "Winter" Storm

    Lots of brief snow showers today. Log that "T" for trace. Very windy, I see tree damage in lots of places. Surprisingly there was snowcover, some areas had even refrozen into very thick ice sheets.
  22. Solstice

    February 16-18, 2019 | Winter Storm

    And by in range, you mean this, right? HRRR Wheelhouse?
  23. Solstice

    February 16-18, 2019 | Winter Storm

    0z NAM side-by-side 500mb RH, 500mb Height + Vorticity. Seems that we have been seeing this situation on repeat every four weeks or so. Strange.
  24. Solstice

    February 16-18, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Look at the moisture plume out west. Wow. GJT said it would peak 4 standard deviations above normal. The "killer blow" to this system lies to the far left of the frame - that dry air.
  25. Beautiful AFD out of GJT Area Forecast Discussion National Weather Service Grand Junction CO 417 PM MST Thu Feb 14 2019