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  1. Violent thunder outside and no mention of a severe thunderstorm, not even a special weather statement? Are you kidding me NWS? It was clear as daylight this was going to happen, I even predicted it two hours in advanced based off the damn clouds. How does it take this long? What a joke. Raining already and no warning whatsoever. I usually give them the benefit of the doubt but this was plain AWFUL. No excuses for this one.
  2. Small cell popped up over Danbury. That cloud front I was talking about is reaching saturation point.
  3. Big reports of hail out of that one storm, I see 1.0" hail reports.
  4. Called it! BULLETIN - IMMEDIATE BROADCAST REQUESTED Severe Thunderstorm Warning National Weather Service Boston/Norton MA 204 PM EDT Mon Aug 19 2019 Those clouds to the west of SW CT look harmless at the moment, but they could develop as the day progresses. The earliest warning system (besides models) is our wonderful GOES-16 satellite, followed by doppler radar.
  5. That thunderstorm on the CT-MA border is really cranking. 30 lightning strikes per minute and a Special Weather Statement that badly needs upgrading to a STW.
  6. Logged in just in time to see a mesoscale discussion out for quite a widely populated area. That warrants a thread in my opinion (and partly since we haven't had an organized thunderstorm thread in a while). Mesoscale Discussion 1799 NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK 1238 PM CDT Mon Aug 19 2019 Current convective outlook. BOX radar shows the storms just starting to pop up.
  7. Overall this has been a great summer IMBY. Lots of rain, but not too excessive, and long stretches of partly cloudy and dry weather. Tree leaves look stellar, lots of growth going on this year.
  8. Nice and dry out, lots of outdoor work progress was made.
  9. Well this is turning out to be quite lackluster. Might not even reach 0.25" when the NWS was forecasting 2". .
  10. Satan arrived today. 20190809_190219.mp4 A match put an end to this one. But I fear while the battle may be won, the war has already been lost.
  11. Talk about ominous. Storm clouds to the left of me, blue skies to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with Stretch...
  12. My prediction gives rain starting at New Canaan town center at 1918 hours. Looks like the concert (1930 hours) will get cancelled for the second day in a row.
  13. Lost power completely. Looks terminal, hasn't come back in 45 minutes. Tree on the lines?
  14. I thought the whole "Mainah" thing was a joke. Little did I know, as soon as you enter Maine, lobster becomes "lobstah," etc. The accents too! Lobster-related chit on every corner. Hell at this point I'm concerned @MaineJay is a lobster!

    1. PlanetMaster


      Word is he is a rock lobstah


    2. MaineJay


      Lol, I'm not a true Mainer, I wasn't born in the state, and I don't even like lobster. :classic_laugh:

  15. BULLETIN - EAS ACTIVATION REQUESTED Tornado Warning National Weather Service Boston/Norton MA 1139 AM EDT Tue Jul 23 2019
  16. "Overall Round 1" of the storm is concluding as this mass of rain moves northwestward through the night. Tomorrow morning and afternoon will see yet more rounds of soaking.
  17. The Connecticut coastline east of New Haven is getting DESTROYED right now. Take a look at the lightning maps.
  18. First round all bark no bite. Just heavy rain and booming thunder. Looks like other areas got hit bad. Next round incoming.
  19. Over 120 strikes per minute in these area, sometimes reaching 160. Unplugging anything electronic. This looks bad. Unless I get some mobile data connection, won't be hearing from me until this passes.
  20. Ho. Lee. Chit. If that hail verifies... Severe Weather Statement National Weather Service New York NY 400 PM EDT Mon Jul 22 2019
  21. Awful awful day, make it stop please!!!
  22. Disgusting day. Hopefully this will at least generate some showers to cool off.
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