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  1. I was up there as well for the race. Been doing the Pocono Raceway raindance since 1998. As soon as they cleared the grandstands I booked it to my car, last thing you want to do is get marooned under the stands. Raritan, NJ picked up 1.53”. Friend in Bridgewater had a telephone pole split by lightning up the street and lost power for 5 hours
  2. It looks like most of these storms are pulse cells that form, briefly go severe, then implode over the course of just an hour or so. So each time one of these local cells goes severe they issue another warning lol. Would have to guess overall sheer is relatively low.
  3. Walked outside the office in Bridgewater, NJ and saw these stunning mammatus clouds from under the anvil of the storms down near trenton. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen them, this is truly a remarkable month for severe weather in NJ.
  4. Current radar has an overall sw to ne flow, however there are heavier showers that are stationary within the overall flow and do not seem to be affected by it. It’s been showing this feature all day. What is causing these showers to be anchored where they are when everything else is zipping off to the northeast?
  5. Got hammered in Raritan, NJ. High winds, some limbs down but never lost power. The lightning was incredible, there must have been 4 or 5 strikes within 1/8th of a mile of me. Dangerous stuff.
  6. First post on the forum! Lurked for years and posted infrequently at the accuweather forums. Couple of pics from yesterday’s round of storms. Isolated low precip severe warned storm in northern Somerset County, NJ looking north from Raritan around 7PM. Had an unbelievable view of the rain free base. Tree damage and power outages reported in Bridgewater Township.
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