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White Christmas?

Tracking latest odds and possible events for the holidays


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  1. Mulaman984

    December 23rd-26th Storm

    From cranky’s write-up this morning (12/13): There is plenty of support for a potential significant storm system during the "Christmas Week" yet we simply won't have a good handle on that for another 5-7 days. We have multiple sub-patterns switching off their dominance and it'd be impossible to determine just how our jet stream flows may align that week and what disturbances may arrive in those pipelines to develop a storm system. Until proven otherwise you actually hedge towards anticipating one. If thinking wintry spirit I think it'd be more of an Ohio Valley to North East snowfall threat as the Mid-Atlantic would likely be more of a sub-tropical warmer inclusion and thus rain. We'll get to it when it matters.
  2. Mulaman984

    December 23rd-26th Storm

    Respectfully, 2 weeks out - and with the model volatility, don’t buy anything. I think the good news is that it appears cold(er) and more active.
  3. 00Z CMC with a cold air Hail Mary
  4. 6Z gfs flirted with the idea
  5. 12z gfs appears to be coming in colder. Let’s see what happens
  6. Ugh. If this thing misses us to the West...!
  7. How were these members looking for OH?
  8. Feel the same. Frustrating on how it was so close!
  9. Surprised there’s zero cold air being shown on that particular run
  10. Seems to be running now on TT
  11. Will be Interesting to see these ensemble members
  12. Mulaman984

    December 6-7, 2018 | Clipper

  13. And kind of stalls out there..
  14. Strange run. Seems warmer and less amped yet frozen qpf moves N across the OH River in OH and S IN
  15. Yes but is it retreating quicker. Hard to tell right now