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  1. For those familiar with the live chasing app...do they turn the sound off while in transit etc?
  2. I respectfully disagree with you but won’t continue to keep going OT.
  3. Yeah, no where did I mention I wished to be in a blizzard warning. I saw mention of someone wishing for severe weather - and I commented on that post. I also responded that it was in my opinion that severe weather is typically more deveststing (from an individual personal property/life threatening situation) than winter weather.
  4. Completely disagree :). I understand the risks of dangerous commute, health issues while shoveling, etc associated. with a winter storm. However, in my opinion, it pales in comparison to severe weather, tornados, etc which generally are more signficant and devestating from an impact perspective. Also, they have much more uncertainty in terms of impact location and as a result, come with much less advanced warning to the public. I don’t want to go OT even more ..but I appreciate your response.
  5. Snow storms: typically won’t destroy/harm your home, personal property, or lives. Severe weather: much greater chance of doing the above. Big difference between the two. Never understood the “cheering on” of severe weather. Big difference between that behavior and tracking a storm. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Assuming you’re not a home owner? Just curious on why one would be wishing for severe weather?
  7. Not sure what happened. They were on for about 5 min then stopped. Looked like NWS issued a tornado warning, then canceled it within 5 min.
  8. Tornado sirens keep going on and off around Loveland
  9. Looks like the cell weakened just enough. I did hear hail but no visible signs of hail damage.
  10. I’m On the extreme E side of this so we’ll see what happens. Got the kiddos so not taking any chances.
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