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  1. 18Z ECMWF: Low over Georgia .
  2. Phased Vort

    November 19-22, 2018 | Turkey Day

    18Z ECMWF says this is a central NY, MA, southern VT, southern NH and southern Maine especial. Some of those places coukd see 9 to 12 inches.
  3. Phased Vort

    December 1-3, 2018 | Winter Storm Potential

    Yea. EPS mean has nothing much. EPS Control has a storm over southern NJ.
  4. @Solstice, exactly what you posted above. It's the same storm from the opening thread post. The was even a GFS run concerning this storm posted. It was only a mattermofmadjusting the dates from 25-27 to 24-25. But since I have been traveling, I was not around to adjust the dates. And since the thread merged into this was opened talking about this very same storm, it had to be merged with the original one. That's basically the situation. There cannot be two threads for the same storm.
  5. Hello, everyone! Right in the heels of the possible wintry Nov 24-25 storm, the region should be affected by a double barrel fall storm. This system should have tis first low pressure system track through the Tennessee valley to Ohio, and by then, a second low pressure system should develop near the Maryland coast. From there, we would eventually have a double barrel storm, as both lows track to the NE, one over the Great Lakes and the other towards Long Island or southern New England. Given the double barrel nature of the strom, this one should be a warmer storm, meaning there should be more rain than wintry precipitation for most of the region. However, even with this setup, frozen precipitation should not be ruled out in areas of the interior an dhigher elevations. Please see below, the latest 12Z EPS Control MSLP, Nov 18, 2018, as support to allow for the start of the discussion. Have fun posting your thougths and eventual observations. As for the lurkers, enjoy the reading.
  6. This thread is talking about the exact some storm I created the thead for call Nov 25-27th. Is not for a storm that stars on the 27th and ends later. This thread will need to be merged.
  7. Folks, Im confused. Why is there another thread forthissame storm? The storm I created the thread for is not for astorm that stars on the 27th. Is for one that comes into the regiin around the 25th of November, give or take a day. The threads will need to be merged.
  8. So, the corncern people had that the EURO snow maps where overdone because it counted all as snow and ignored the sleet and freezing rain, where misplaced or not needed, correct. Is that what I understand, @StretchCT. It ssems that the ECMWF did pretty well with the maps when comparing to the actual snowfall map @NorEaster27 posted.
  9. It seems this has been a big storm, right. What do you think? I have been away. And hey, did the winter storm the ECMWF portray pan out?
  10. Snow or the likes of it, about to fall in DC. So cool!
  11. Man, the snowstorm shown on the 00Z ECMWF is impressive for this time of the year. The Euro continues to be steady as a rock. Or maybe I´m just impressed with the first winter storm of the season, lol.
  12. Keep it up @NorEaster27 . We love your posts. I know I love enjoy them very much.
  13. From earlier today as the sun was setting on the thread´s coverage area.
  14. Phased Vort

    Atmosphere´s Uniqueness

    November 15-16 Northeast & Mid-Atlantic storm development over the Tennessee Valley and SE US.