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  1. Should be a nice lab for all of us! Each season has its unique characteristics and surprises. Welcome to the ride!
  2. Hello Andrea! Welcome! NHC should display Andrea on its site when the next update comes.
  3. It looks like Andrea is almost born officially. Pressure: 1006mb Flight level wind: 49.5 mph Surface wind: 41.4 mph Invest 90L RECON Mission 1 Virtex message:
  4. RECON is en route to invest area. There is a good chance that by tonight the first tropical or subtropical cyclone will be born.
  5. NHC activated the first invest of 2019 in the tropical Atlantic ocean. This one should be short lived, and if it ever manages to get a name it would be an impressive achievement; Andrea. Satellite imagery:
  6. 5-day outlook nows gives this little critter a 40% chance of development into a tropical or subtropical cyclone.
  7. May be able to get an invest going and maybe a sub or tropical depression. A weak sub or tropical storm would be a major achievement. 12Z ECMWF:
  8. This is still a valid thought and take, although it may be somewhat delayed and the development or attempt of one may happen on the Pacific side and perhaps cross over to the Caribbean.
  9. Folks, please pay attention to a possible tropical cyclone development over the western Caribbean in about 12 days or so from today (05/09/19). Things may at least get active enough there for a possible invest if land interaction is not too problematic.
  10. A severe weather thread for April 19th has been created to exclusively allow for coverage of this potentially pretty strong event for areas of the Mid-Atlantic; Moderate and Enhanced risks. Please, make sure to post content for this severe weather event there. Mid-Atlantic DAY 1 Outlook - MODERATE & ENHANCED Risks
  11. SEVERE WEATHER ALERT - DAY 1 OUTLOOK *** MODERATE & ENHANCED RISKS *** Given the possible severity of the severe weather event forecasted for today, Good Friday, April 19th, this thread is created exclusively to allow for posters and readers to be able to only discuss and read about the possibilities, outcome and observations of the progged MODERATE and ENHANCED risks for a big chunk of the Mid Atlantic. The NAM shows supercell composite values ranging from 10 to 18 for parts of Virginia and North Carolina, while SigTor values range from 1.8 to 2.3 for areas over central and eastern VA and NC. As per the NAM bulk shear values could be ranging from 50 to 75 knots. RADAR Imagery: SPC DAY 1 Outlook: Categorical Wind Hail Tornado Given that this may turn out to be a rough situation later on this morning and into the early afternoon for the people in central and eastern areas of VA and the Carolinas, please make sure, if you live in those locations, you are prepared and pay attention to the latest information and forecasts concerning this severe weather event,
  12. Look at that line approaching NJ on the 12Z NAM. It looks very nasty. There are those ominous pink dbz returns. ..
  13. Yea, Thanks for posting the updated ones. It seems they extend even more east with tomorrow´s update. The 3 KM NAM continues to show a pretty nasty line moving through PA all the way to NJ almost.
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