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  1. Hurricanes are supposed to be stacked. In other words, all the circulations of different levels should be on top of each other for the cyclone to be able to function well as an heat engine.
  2. This circulation has different vortices. I believe the main one is still rather far offshore.
  3. The longer it keeps with a stronger west track component, the bigger the chances that the landfall will be more westward as long as the north track component is smaller in magnitude.
  4. Yeah. Most members continue to favor a more westward track and consequently, landfall. The mean is pretty much what the NHC has as the current official forecast.
  5. The strengthening up to landfall given the backing off of the shear intensity and continued very warm SSTs, should keep Barry intensifying. The introduction of hurricane level strength in the forecast by the NHC is a good call as the possibility does exist for a hurricane landfall.
  6. Short range and long range development chances increased to 20%.
  7. Invest 93L has been activated for this tropical wave. Given that, its exclusive thread has been opened.
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