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  1. Gorgeous day yesterday. Got a bit of sunburn while out. Now its raining at a good clip in Mahwah :(
  2. Just had a nice burst of heavy rain in Mahwah, nj
  3. That's an amazing shot!!! Love that cutoff with the snow and green.
  4. This rain is just getting annoying at this point. Saturday was absolutely gorgeous till about 5pm when the clouds rolled in.
  5. Yesterday started out damp and chilly. But man it turned into a gorgeous day till around 6pm when the clouds and rain moved in. Had one decent monsoon around 8pm while out along the Hudson River in Edgewater, NJ. Couldn't see Manhattan from across the river. Temp dropped 25 degrees from 80 to 54. Now its cold and misty out here at work in Mahwah.
  6. Well that was pretty uneventful for my area. Had about maybe 1 hour of rain at 7am. Then it dried out.
  7. Rains started by me again with some nice rolling thunder as i was unpacking my truck at work. Hoping nothing serious out of this event.
  8. The reservoirs be me are at near or even just over capacity already. Even a 1/2 inch of rain will cause flooding. If we get anything more then 1 or 2 inches it is going to be trouble.
  9. 2 claps of thunder and a flash of lightning were the excitment for me in little ferry. Heavy heavy rains though.
  10. We got a late storm last year, thought it was april 2nd, wyckoff, nj got nearly 2 feet of snow from a band that just kept training over them. Caused extensive damage to the area. Just double checked, it was march 8th storm. THought it was much later then that.
  11. Yup, April 2nd, 2018 parts of my area in Bergen County, NJ receivred 2 feet of heavy wet snow.
  12. Why, because you don't like it? It's never been a problem before on the old site or this one. No need to change something that ain't broke.
  13. I3 gave me some hail in Little Ferry,NJ. The lightning show was incredible for 40 minutes to my west long before it hit me. I wish i had lived in a high rise to watch it.
  14. Had heavy sleet at around 5am in little ferry, got a good 1/4" on everything. Highways were a sheet of ice/slush mix. Driving was absolutely horrible from Route 46 in Hasbrouck Heights to Mahwah where it was just worse. Mahwah had probably a good 1" of snow and sleet.
  15. 3" in Little Ferry, maybe 5" in Mahwah. Was coming down good last nighr around 1900hrs when bringing my son home to his mothers. Near white out conditions at times. LOVED IT!
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