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  1. OMG, so im not the only one that this happens to. I was washign dishes yesterday and started sweating. lol Just had a steady rain for the last 2 hours or so in Mahwah. It is just down right gross outside.
  2. Seeing these temps im going to make sure the ex is very careful with my son while on vacatin down the jersey shore. Even by Wildwood its still going to be oppressive.
  3. I wish i had a rain guage up. I havent seen rain like that in years snd last as long as it did. Round 3 is upon me!
  4. Thunder is picking up. Sounds like the final of a fireworks show outside. North shore of Long Island looks to be taking a beating.
  5. Pouring out by me. A lot of thunder but most is in the distance.... Nevermind a tree just got struck hy me lol
  6. Had a nice cell building to my southeast. Could see the anvil and how it pushes other clouds around it. Got a nice line headed my way in little ferry.
  7. Of course my area is in the boundary. :( I can't remember the last time i had a really good thunderstorm that lasted more then a few minutes.
  8. That's hysterical!!! Are there any updated maps showing where the remnants might track?
  9. Not sure what's worse high heat and no humidity or 80's and high humidity? grossss
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