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  1. If we can't use false narratives, then what are we left with?
  2. Saw on American WX that it slides off the coast of NC and northern fringe of heavy snow to Philly. NEPA gets a dusting to an inch or 2... DC/NOVA jackpot - VA Road DAWG
  3. With all of that cold to the north and the more southerly track on this NAM run, I am really worried about ICE being a big time issue with this thing for the 95 corridor between DC and Philly especially
  4. This 18Z NAM run could be the biggest run of my life - VA ROAD DAWG
  5. we are just over 12” in Reston, VA near Dulles Airport. NAM and SREF did best shockingly enough
  6. Was just south of 3" of snow in Reston, VA.
  7. SREF's keep on going up for Dulles Airport outside of DC. Mean is over a foot now... BTW about 1.5" or so in Reston, VA just slightly to the east of the airport.
  8. Snowing in Fairfax, VA outside of DC
  9. Low is more to the NW off the coast of VA than well off the coast and a bit further south on earlier runs. Even Philly is seeing a nice dumping now on this run.
  10. I hear you about being careful with the SREF’s, but up until last night, they had been in-line with the forecasted amount of 3-6” for the DC area, but have been steadily going up since. To the point that the lowest one today is the high end of the forecasted amount. Just see this as a sign it may be over performing potentially
  11. SREF’s are going bonkers. The 9z just jumped up again. Now over a 11” mean for Dulles airport (IAD) outside of DC.
  12. They upgraded Loudoun earlier this morning. Big chunks of the county are still well below freezing and snowing still.
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