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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. This was kind of a big deal for nc. Not too often they get any kind of snow in April outside of the mountains.
  2. 1816

    Summer 2019 Outlook and Discussion

    Probably just forgot...
  3. Only if woody wasn't rated g but instead was an evil mfer intent on destroying your house. And smart. So so smart.
  4. Also a real menace if your house is made of wood. Ask how I know.
  5. Why do you always have to swoop in with your reasonable takes and weather wisdom. Don't you know how fun it is to use this here fv3 as a punching bag? It makes it so easy sometimes.
  6. Saw that. Just don't know what else to say. Nice job fv3. #Hopetheyputthisthingoutofitsmisery
  7. The snow debt from the fv3 this winter alone is like the national debt. It won't be paid back in 100 lifetimes. I posted a while back that I hope some team of computer programmers somewhere has the proper level of embarrassment and shame over this model. I mean that sincerely. If it's going to inflate snow totals in the output to such a mockery then just pull it offline and fix it or torch it and start over. Whatever, but leaving it out there all winter and acting like it's going to replace the already wildly inconsistent gfs as our national model is just wrong. Come on scientist people, you can do better.
  8. Kind of separates the wheat from the chaff doesn't it Whoever's checking in a couple months from now, they are the real ones. Weather people vs snow people.
  9. #everyseasonismudseasonnow
  10. On the contrary, there is a very important learning opportunity in it - When you think you know something, you're wrong. Also, reinforces what all the best nerds on here say all the time. Which is, models are a tool to help understand what might happen but cannot be used verbatim at all. Pattern recognition and big picture understanding as well as local knowledge of your area are the only way to go.
  11. I hope someone, somewhere is sufficiently embarrassed and ashamed of this.
  12. 1816

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    If it goes down I would look to deep south ms or al. But I'm not the expert cliche sure is.
  13. For some reason I read this as a fortune cookie.
  14. 1816

    Is Seasonal Lag real?

    I've been thinking about the seasonal lag thing too lately. Sure feels like we can chalk up another one in favor. Keeping it going. Let's see if we go hot and dry quickly or if spring gets drawn out. I have my suspicions.