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    I saw some satellite pics while back that blew my mind. They really did away with the rainforest/jungle. Not just a media scare that stuff is for real.
  2. Spend more time outdoors than women. Construction and other outdoor jobs, golf, etc.
  3. Pretty sure nao is only allowed to be negative during the summer anymore....just sayin
  4. This might be the one weather thing that really annoys me. You get some really cool fall weather for an extended period and you think summer's gone but like a movie villian that won't die it comes back with some brutal heat in sep or oct. I hate that. And I'm pretty even keeled about weather.
  5. And that's what I was afraid of. Line up enough storms in a train and some are gonna get bad and some are gonna hit where you don't want them to. Hopefully not both at the same time.
  6. Last year shook what little confidence I had in really any forecasting beyond a few days. Just mind blowing how wrong my thinking could be. And the explanations for the results were clear but not seeing it coming further shook me. I don't want to try to guess at it because I don't trust the modeling or my understanding of a lot of different factors anymore. One thing I will watch closely is @raindancewx forecasts. Blew my mind how good his stuff was while everyone else was going off the rails. Maybe the intensive analog analysis is really the way to go. Good luck to anyone still willing to look LR and can't wait to see what happens. I really have a feeling that the solar minimum is a big deal but have to wait and see. It was pretty darn low last winter and it did not have the effects I expected. But clearly the Pacific bullied every other factor so who knows. I am pretty sure something will dominate the weather pattern but in no way do I have any idea what it might be.
  7. Somehow I feel like you might get better results with the darts. We should do a study.
  8. I didn't expect it to be this dead. But....I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. As you know, it can turn around in a heartbeat. Still a couple months left for some bad stuff. Sometimes September hits and it's like the floodgates(ha) open. Me personally, I'll take a year without a hurricane. All they do is wreck stuff.
  9. Yesterday we had forecast for severe storms in my area. Coming in from the west over the mountains, it dried out with downsloping just like snow would and we had no storms and barely any rain. I would like to point this out as an example of how a forecast bust can go almost completely unnoticed right now, but if it was a snow forecast in the winter some people would have lost their damn minds. It does happen year round, just sometimes no one cares.
  10. Wait isn't fall the one we skip now? Straight from summer to winter. Or is it winter to summer. Whatever, ready for the change! 😎
  11. Climate change predates politics. Unless you count politicking over who gets the biggest piece of mastodon.
  12. I was half expecting Alaska to be warmer than PA this summer. I heard they broke all the records.
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