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US Wild Weather

Extreme active pattern across the entire US continues, what does it mean for your region? Join the conversion


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  1. Hey some people actually choose to live in Seattle. Its 34 and rain for like 8 months a year there.
  2. I'm in sw va. I'm assuming anything on a snowmap is ice. Just that kind of year round these parts.
  3. 1816

    February 16-18, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Another telling thing this winter is how quiet the gulf region is as far as development. Big snowstorms on the east coast develop along LA Texas coast a lot of times. We are getting alot of moisture off the gulf this year but storms are not being born there.
  4. Yeah this is good. I'm saying take it a step further. What if it was just February 14 storm, no region. And then all those posts were in one thread. So at the same time you're seeing models runs for day after tomorrow you're seeing the obs from people upstream all in one place. You might have 700 pages but I think it would be better than having to go check some other sub forum for that info which sometimes is discouraging to me. I only put this out there since we're clearly bored with not much going on right now and it's just an idea. The way it's set up right now obviously works just fine overall. Edit: also I think it only would be useful for big storms. Minor impact local events are another thing.
  5. Yeah but it needs to be updated because it's like this year the ecmwf discovered drinking and late night parties and isn't getting her rest anymore.
  6. Anything south of Orlando isnt the south its arguably it's own thing altogether since there are places where if you don't speak Spanish you can't conduct any transactions. Anything north of Orlando is the true south. But South Carolina is just about the epicenter of the south so I'm not sure what your Florida native was on about, some kind of geographical thing instead of cultural.
  7. I don't keep up too much with you west coast folks, but this is good right? Weren't you in like a 10 year drought or something? Hope it becomes steady instead of all at once though.
  8. 1816

    Winter 2018-2019 | Outlooks and Discussion

    Wow I've really been somewhat outspoken about all the whining but if you're going to do it in such a reasonable way then carry on I guess. Kind of feel bad for you there. Remember until middle of March or so there's always a chance of a huge storm. And then next snow chances are only 8 months away. It goes by faster than you think.
  9. We have a se forum and my area would arguably be considered more se than ma. As do other sites I look at sometimes. But I end up in the ma/ne on all of them because that's where I find the most relevant and useful info as well as the most quantity of info. If I had to stick to my back yard I could just PM with @JonSnow since there wouldn't be any other action. I speak for myself only but I think it would be better if large storms that affected large areas were discussed in one forum. I like seeing what the great lakes or deep south has to say. Only drawback would be the volume. Just because I'm ok with it doesnt mean I'm not a real minority on that. But it wouldn't work if the folks who are disappointed by the weather cluttered it up with stuff like "getting out the gardening tools" and "models showing sunshine coast to coast, on to 2020."
  10. Break it up like that and then each thread suffers from a lack of activity at times. This works. It would work better if people could appreciate and discuss the weather even if it's not what they want in their backyard without becoming insufferable.
  11. 1816

    February 16-18, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Is this how glaciers start. Holy cow.
  12. 1816

    February 16-18, 2019 | Winter Storm

    As far as I'm concerned anything the gfs has to say will be considered something of a fantasy until A. It actually happens or B. There is a consensus on the rest of the guidance. Just an old habit that has worked well for me.
  13. 1816

    February 12-13, 2019 | Winter Storm

    Hang in there stretch. Sorry about your injury.