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  1. Nice boomer just came through, it seems as though that I was on the fringe of it, west of me got hit, lots of cloud to ground lightning and some minor gusty winds <30mph. There were a few calls in the county, wires down, pole fire and (2) house fires.
  2. @PlanetMaster Im going to grill up a new York strip tonight, and hopefully we get some boomers this afternoon, I'm def loving this, even have a good sunburn with racoon eyes and shoulder straps from my muscle shirt (ehhh its a Jersey thing, forget about it)
  3. Had a gusty heavy shower come through, pour for about 10min, pretty heavy, some minor wind gusts and cleared out as fast as it came in.
  4. Its been so wet that last years frogs are laying eggs in my driveway puddle thinking that its a permanent pond.
  5. you forgot the pbr's…. wait that's a @MDBlueRidge thing
  6. Be careful if your going for one of your walk abouts, watch for the widow makers.. especially near the maple tree's, those are the most brittle.
  7. Last week I cleaned out the garage, I took out the remaining split fire wood for the woodstove, was going to just put it back into the woodshed for next year... guess what, the I brought back a few arm fulls for later tonight and tomorrow, going to burn wood in the middle of May for heat.
  8. Don't mind my neighbor @Miller A tree pollen and fresh cut grass smell makes him say crazy things.
  9. Turned out to be a real nice day so far, a few showers but nothing to bad
  10. I want to say we had snow w/ 1-2" accumulation back in 88' or 89' for mothers day, I remember seeing tulips and sledding in the morning hours, snow was gone by lunch and only stuck to the grass, we lived in NW NJ at about 1200ft at that time.
  11. Temps went from a steady 54deg to almost 65deg in the last 2 hrs... pretty cool to see the onshore flow shift to southwesterly winds
  12. This..accuweather thing..is it reliable? never heard of that witch craft website.
  13. Ughhhhh.... doing a retaining wall project at my friends house, took the machine up there yesterday after work and started demoing the old wall, was loading into the dumpster and the grass area quickly turned to mud, have to excavate 2ft behind the old wall for drainage, put the dirt in the side yard, this is going to be quickly become a mud bath also. Forecast for next week is showing showers every day, I hope this is just the typical early May pattern and not a bigger picture for the summer (like the 2nd half of last summer, all of fall and most of winter) I did have a scratch on my neck, upon closer inspection it appears I'm adapting, it looks like a gill is starting to form. My cat it becoming aqua cat, he's not afraid of water anymore. Truth though for a second, there are reports in our area geographical area from the fishery biologists saying that the native trout species (brook & brown) have started to gain traction 5 fold due to remote streams having water and cold springs becoming active again, that's good news from a ecological standpoint.
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