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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. I wasn't on, I was in the driveway decommissioning old blue, new truck gets picked up tomorrow.
  2. KENNYP2339

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    I'm itching to get the yard thatched, raked, gardens mulched and the foundation on my house painted.
  3. How much snow is this tropical storm going to dump on myrtle beach? Seems fitting with this whacky model
  4. I thinks its these type of storms that keep everyone here addicted to the weather, or winter, the surprise factor that mother nature has is awesome.
  5. neighbors dog caught you trespassing again?
  6. We're having a de-commissioning driveway party, my Dad is coming over to help smoke a 8lb brisket Page topper - Can't joke around in these serious times.
  7. Elevations above 900ft in NWNJ are reporting snow, no accumulation but the upper levels are cooling off
  8. beautiful storm, one of the prettiest of the season, but I'm happy to be on the warm side, as 60deg on Sunday looks really enticing. Sad news for old blue (11' gmc 2500) she's got some rot issues, fenders from the inside out, chassis rust and a check engine light that wont go off, so sadly she is being replaced w/ a new gmc 2500 diesel, I need sunday to take the emergency lights, siren, radio's, snow plow mount off, didn't want it to end like this, had a lot of good memories in that truck, but a last day of bonding in the driveway with nice weather is worth missing a potential snowstorm.
  9. Back from car shopping...what did I miss?
  10. I agree for mid atlantic area that has very little regular season great lake influence
  11. I had my doubts of even a storm forming, never the less it being a coastal storm; but alas, it seems to be happening, but the snow line is was up north, like central mass and points north at this point, and thing can change and I will now take this threat more serious.
  12. OTS from obx yo.
  13. Seeya Pal, take it easy on me when I come down 84 real fast into Scranton in a few weeks.
  14. Were having a quick bbq this evening.. got the old blender setup and a fresh 12 pack of corn syrup