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  1. 2009 was far worse around here. So far I've already seen 10 days this month with sunshine whereas back in 2009 I was lucky to get even a few sunny days over the whole month. That summer was atrocious and overcast nearly all the time. At least this year we're getting some sunshine to balance out the clouds for the most part.
  2. I'm trying to stay positive myself but looking at next weeks forecast and what long-range models are saying and I'm getting frustrated. I wanted the longest days of the year to be sunny and dry around here, not wasted on overcast junk. Why can't we go back to last week? We had 5 nice and sunny days. It seriously affects me psychologically lol. I wanted these nice 9pm sunsets we're getting now to be accompanied by sunshine. You just know it's gonna flip by September when the days are 3 hours shorter and by then it's just a rip off. We've done alright so far this month with sun but it's not looking too good going forward. I literally have nothing to look forward to now as the days start getting shorter and we slowly start moving back towards winter. Again, I'm trying to stay positive here and hoping we get some nice sunny weather mixed in over what's left of June
  3. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    Another stunningly gorgeous June day here at 20C and mainly sunny with a nice breeze. Day 9 out of 14 this month with nice conditions here, not bad.
  4. It's definitely something to do with the lakes. Milder winters allow the lakes and ground to stay warmer and as a result heat up faster in the spring.
  5. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    I'd hardly call this an awful June. I don't know about you but in my area, 8 out of 13 days this month have been nice and mainly sunny around here and tomorrow along with early next week look to add to that number. It seems June will be a month that balances out crappy days with nice ones which is fine by me. Maybe not as good as last year but we really can't write off this month yet when we're not even halfway done yet.
  6. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    Another stunningly gorgeous June day here at 22C and mainly sunny skies with a nice light breeze. I can't say this enough, this is my favorite type of weather and the days I dream of this time of year. There's a reason June is my favorite month of the year
  7. Plus way less sunshine. June-August of 2009 was horrific around here for sunshine. I recall only a few nice and sunny days per month that summer and we're already way ahead of that this month alone with sunshine.
  8. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    Yet another gorgeous day out there at 21C and mainly sunny. There were some cloudy periods this afternoon but overall it was a mainly sunny day here today. Just perfect weather
  9. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    What's with all the negativity? Today and tomorrow look fantastic here with mainly clear skies and and there's still a chance to see more periods of sun later in the week. Early next week looks fantastic and sunny here again as well. I guess if you're looking for warmth it's a letdown but all I care about is seeing the sun and we have a decent amount of it on the way over the next week. Plus we're enjoying the longest days of the year right now and that sunset will plateau around 9pm for the next month! Beats darkness at 5pm any day!
  10. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    Agreed but tomorrow and Wednesday looking much better around here at least with mainly sunny skies. Late week only showing chance of showers as well so there's still some sunshine mixed in over the next week which is far better then the constant overcast junk from May. Besides, even the best June's have crappy days mixed in. Last June we had 18 nice days but 11 crummy ones as well.
  11. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    I love low humidity days and sunshine so the past few have been just stellar.
  12. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    Another nice day with sunshine here but clouds are building in this evening. Thankfully sunshine looks to return on Tuesday/Wednesday and maybe into the weekend as well. As long as we can balance the crappy days with someone sunshine I'm all good.
  13. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    Agreed. Simply perfection I didn't think days like this could exist after the Spring we just had.
  14. It doesn't get anymore perfect than today. 25C and crystal clear blue skies with a light breeze is just perfection. These are the days I dream about this time of year and combined with the 15.5 hours of daylight we have now is just supreme
  15. June 2019 forecast from TWN: https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/news/article/june-2019-outlook-cool-great-lakes-british-columbia-alberta-saskatchewan-manitoba-ontario-quebec-nova-scotia-maritimes-pei-newfoundland-labrador-temperature-weather-rain-sun Anthony Farnell Summer Forecast for Canada: https://globalnews.ca/news/5335369/summer-weather-forecast-canada-2019/
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