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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    This is more like it! 18C and mainly sunny here. Grass is green again from all the rain and feeling like Spring out there for a change One can only hope
  2. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    This has been by far one of the worst April's that I can recall around here in the weather department. Everyday is either cloudy, dreary, wet or cold and it's relentless. I long for sunny warm days on a regular basis.
  3. Snowgeek93

    Summer 2019 Outlook and Discussion

    I sincerely hope not! That summer was way too cloudy and cool around here Remember though, not all El Nino summers are bad here (now I'm saying this about summer lol). 2002 and 2015 were fairly decent seasons and had plenty of sunshine which is the most important factor for me in summer. Also in 2009 we were coming off La Nina which is not the case this year.
  4. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    May and June 2018 were good for sunshine around here along with the first half of July. August had a decent amount of sunshine and September 2018 was pretty sunny as well. January/March 2019 were also fine in the sunshine department. The really bad months have been October-December 2018 and February/April of this year.
  5. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    Sun is finally back out this afternoon and that blue sky is a sight for sore eyes
  6. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    It's been an atrocious month around here and today was absolutely disgusting. Cold, gloomy and rainy is my absolute least favorite combo and if it wasn't for the sun setting close to 8pm now you'd think it was November lol. Wish the weather could catch up with the daylight. We have August daylight/sun angle with crummy November weather lol.
  7. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    It's been a disgusting month here for sunshine as well. It seems like an impossibility to get even a day of full sunshine and what few days it even comes out the clouds are always ready to pounce back in asap and ruin everything. What I wouldn't give for a giant ridge of high pressure to build in over the Eastern U.S./Southern Ontario and lock in for awhile.
  8. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    Not only does it take forever for Spring to arrive but the lack of sunshine around here lately is getting completely ridiculous. It's like pulling teeth to get a sustained stretch of sunny, clear blue sky weather in this region. At most we can muster up a few days in a row before clouds and showers move in again. I would LOVE another 2016 pattern where sunshine just dominates for months on end and don't tell me it can't happen because we've seen sunny Spring and Summer's before but we seem fresh out of luck in that department.
  9. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    One thing you can always count on in Spring is increasing daylight hours and sun angle. Sun is feeling much stronger during the day and on clear nights there's light in the sky until almost 8:30 pm
  10. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    Woke up to snow cover this morning and a winter wonderland before it melted later into the day. Even this late into the season snow can still excite me
  11. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    For me the longer days make a huge difference. I'm a snow lover myself but otherwise winter is just lame and back in December I was longing for the days to get longer with those horrible 4:30 sunsets. Now that daylight hours and sun angle are back to early September values it gives a huge psychological boost on my part. As long as it's sunny I'm alright with the cooler temps into Spring.
  12. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    That winter was awesome around here and one of my favorites. Tons of snow, front-loaded and an easy transition to spring when winter became useless in March.
  13. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    I would prefer front-loaded winter's over cold lingering into spring. Snow is the only thing that gets me through the oppressive darkness and dreariness of November-March and to have it postponed later into the winter means I have to suffer through my least favorite months of the year with no snow.
  14. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    Cold doesn't bother me as long as there's sunshine. Sun angle is back to September values now and significantly moderates any cold temps. Plus with daylight over 12 hours and no snow on the ground it doesn't even feel like winter anymore.
  15. Snowgeek93

    Spring 2019

    We have snowbanks and some snow left over in some isolated spots but most of it is gone. I'm over winter by this point, I want some sun and warmth and this week into next weekend looks like a dream come true.