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  1. Snowdrops! We have some of them. They don't even mind popping up through the snow. First flower of early spring.
  2. It is. But you can get it right 90% of the time by going with the warmer solutions. We got ~3" of mixy sleet/snow by morning. I hate being right, but what's worse is the sref plume viewer was right too! We had crazy sleet at the heights of the precip, otherwise it would have been closer to 8-10". Congrats to those upstream that got pummeled! So long as everyone is safe.
  3. If it weren't for the direction of this storm, I might be snow now. I'm getting the heat from the city in the path. Fun to watch though! Hope people are safe and don't lose power.
  4. I regret to inform, that heavy band in the burbs just north of Philly is mostly sleet.
  5. 32.4F Large flakes and sleet here. Just doesn't want to budge below 32F
  6. Sorry about that last post - hotlink changed the radar. Here's the radar of the cold winning.
  7. Rained for a couple hours, finally switched to snow here. Temps dropped 6 degrees in 2 hours. Currently 36F DP 33F
  8. Whippersnappers! I have shovels from the 90's!
  9. Pretty cool to see snow just west where temps are still 35F, but dropping. Edit: Jinx! AccuChris has a better pic of this..
  10. Not once things start really kicking. Can I also add a diss to TWC? They're for the masses, and are only good for real time footage. And a mild complaint about cranky, his breakdowns are excellent. But he's such a prick it takes away from his value. He can't stand that 4+" of snow is a big deal to anyone, and wastes a lot of effort making sure to let you know that.
  11. He did post saying he was sick as well as his whole family. I had a nasty cold last weekend, son has it now.. so I can relate to being grumpy, particularly in light of the "SE trend". It's been a bit salty on these forums this storm. Folks I've watched post for years being somewhat divisive location-wise and politically. Hopefully this changes or stops or else there will be more attrition. Anywayyy. I know it's easy for me, being in a "sweet spot" (which never means anything until it verifies) to be all "Kumbaya", but my points are still valid. Sorry to add to the noise.
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