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  1. I’m just glad that Friday still looks dry. My weekend off was rained out. Friday needs to be dry lol.
  2. Raining moderately again. What else is new 😂😂😂
  3. It’s a good storm even if you aren’t in the warning. Torrential rain in this thing. Lightning and thunder. Doesn’t disappoint.
  4. I’m not going to be surprised if an inch of rain falls from just this storm. maybe this will be it and no rain tonight. Not much behind it
  5. I was going to go back to work at 8 but I think I’m going to stretch it to 8:30 😂😂 its gotten very good windy now. Torrential rain and frequent lightning
  6. Warning just went out. Not sure if I’m in the warning here at work. Not too far from downtown here in Mt.Auburn for those familiar with the area. Just saw lightning while typing this.
  7. Starting to rain. Not too heavy yet but it’s coming.
  8. Another 3-4 inches would be quite gut punching.
  9. Yes more rain about to move in. With the 4-6 inches over the weekend this isn’t going to be good. I expect Ohio river to rise rapidly this week.
  10. It’s setting up now. About to have some heavy rain in a bit here. It’s going to be pouring on the way home.
  11. Finally getting a little action here. I’ve been hearing the thunder from down south for a couple hours now. Edit: just had some lightning light up the night sky.
  12. I have too and it’s killing me 😂😂😂. I’ve been checking radar for like 3 hours and it’s so close yet so far. I could drive to the rain in 12 minutes
  13. Thanks bro The activity is definitely staying south of the river tonight. Every time it looks like it’s going to slide this way it dissipates or slides south.
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