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  1. My area was nice and green also until about the last week in June.Then the storms kept missing me. OH well, I'll let nature do its thing and let it go dormant until the moisture returns.
  2. Despite a temperature of 86 at 5:45pm, it does not feel too bad. Thanks to a northwest wind and a RH of 38% and Dewpoint of 57
  3. As promised here is a pic of what most of the lawns look like . Not just my neighborhood but the general area as there was a sharp cutoff of the heavy rain that felt the last 3 weeks. I was in the no rain or very little rain zone. Storms are in the forecast Wednesday & Thursday before the big time heat moves in on Friday. If I miss out on those rains, this area will be a dust bowl.
  4. NWS/Albany already giving a heads up regarding the heat coming later this week in their HWO. I don't remember the last time my area had a Excessive Heat Warning.
  5. Looking at NWS/Albanys last AFD Barry's Remnants may pay my area a visit. this may keeps temps down a bit on Thursday, however they start to climb again on Friday as per my earlier post.
  6. Steve, good thoughts for you and your wife with the best outcome. Keep that positive attitude buddy.
  7. Unless you like this type of weather, this is getting ugly folks. At least in my area. NWS/Albany has high temp each day from Tuesday to next Sunday between 88-92. Friday-Sunday all above 90 which meets the heat wave criteria. BAH-HUMBUG!!! Lawns in my entire area are mostly all brown since we missed out on most of the heavy rains the last 3 weeks. I'll try to get a few pics Monday to show ya what I'm talking about. At least I won't have to mow. and I'll just wait for nature to do what it does.
  8. Path with the 10:00 AM CDT update. Once again nothing to pick it up and move it along.
  9. The latest advisory(7:00 PM CDT) slowed Barry down to 4mph, it had been 6mph in the previous. Source: https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATCPAT2+shtml/122357.shtml?
  10. Looks like the dry air that was invading earlier has backed off and is mostly on land.
  11. I was referring to the 1/2" you received. compared to my 0.02" of rain I would swap in a second. NWS/Albany say maybe more showers before 5:00am. I just dont see it after looking at radar.
  12. Glad you finally getting some rain. Early evening looked like we would get in on the action. However, the northern part that look to hit me shifted south just giving my early some light showers. The county(Orange) just across the Hudson river from me even had flash flood warning. Talk about avoiding an area. . Oh well, that's why we love weather.
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