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  1. Also looks to be extremely rain-wrapped. Might be starting to cycle now.
  2. Looking at the radar, Linwood might have dodged this by literally a few hundred meters.,
  3. Linwood, Kansas under the gun, picture from Wikipedia:
  4. Powerful couplet with obvious debris signature just north of Eudora...Tornado Emergency in effect.
  5. New Severe Thunderstorm Warning posted for Scranton cluster; gusts to 70mph, hail to 2"; numerous reports have already come in of wind damage and golfball sized hail.
  6. 75dBZ radar returns to the south of Factoryville...anyone in the area should seek shelter immediately, tornado warning or not; large hail and damaging winds will extend well away from the path of the wall cloud.
  7. New tornado warning up to include Scranton, still radar-indicated only. Couplet looks to be intensifying. This storm will also produce very large hail over downtown Scranton; there is a significant hail core evidenced by the VIL signature of over 80 kg/m2.
  8. "Classic" supercellular structure with storm in NE PA...wouldn't be surprised to have a tornado on the ground.
  9. CU field beginning to form in portions of OH, PA, and NY. Don't write it off yet. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=meso-meso1-02-96-1-10-1&checked=map-glm_flash&colorbar=undefined
  10. Sounds like they are considering a moderate risk if "trends warrant"...interesting.
  11. SPC Mesoanalysis still showing adequate indices ahead of the storms in MO...CAPE over 3,000, SigTor of 4-6+, Supercell Composite >30.
  12. Yeah, looks to be cycling. Might lift off the ground for a bit, probably harder for chasers to determine wall cloud structure in the dark.
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