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  1. Seems like everywhere from the Rockies to the Atlantic has just gotten wave after wave of storms these last few weeks.
  2. Chased (pun intended) a job opportunity. I needed the change, to be honest. Working municipal out here among the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. It's good for my psyche, I suspect.
  3. Looks to be an MCV ongoing on Minnesota, rotation evident on radar.
  4. One of the coolest things about KS for me so far has been how far away you can see the lightning. And not reflections, but the bolts themselves. Last night had some phenomenal cloud-to-ground.
  5. TheDayAfterTomorrow


    Aftermath of a severe thunderstorm in NW Kansas; August 17, 2019; view is eastward.


  6. Sorry guys, I have to root against EC cold/snow now. :D
  7. 2" hail as well...very dangerous storm. Any tornado on the ground is likely rain-wrapped, at least partially.
  8. Tornado supercell ongoing in NE Colorado (screen capture from COD SATRAD) Echotops from KGLD radar are pinging in excess of 62,000 feet!
  9. @ClicheVortex2014 Wouldn't surprise me...this thing has a lot of energy with it...the amount of lightning it put out was impressive, and I was a good bit out from the strongest part of the line.
  10. I got to sit in the southern end of that bow line; nearby report on SPC suggests 70mph winds. Higher winds to the north, it was quite impressive even where I was. Wonder what Atwood looks like.
  11. Wow, they went with the PDS SVR watch for that bow. Short-range mesoscale models had that modeled very well. Honestly wouldn't be surprised to see a stray 100mph wind report.
  12. So, my SWX prediction game was Atwood, KS. There is currently a pretty defined TVS a few miles west of Atwood. ...
  13. Do you think they'll pull the trigger on a Moderate Risk?
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