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  1. Pardon my French, but... HOLY SHITBALLS BATMAN! It's been a very long time since I've seen so much lightning come from a thunderstorm. For about 20 minutes, I couldn't count to one before there was another flash. And most of them were right around where I live. Very few were far away, so it was like strobe lights going off. Constant thunder, to say the least as well. As for the rain, it was coming down so hard, I could barely see my neighbor's house across the street. No hail, no gusts of wind, just one hell of a light show and torrential rain (it's still raining right now). I'm currently under two flash flood warnings, two severe thunderstorm warnings, a flood advisory and a local pollen alert (just for good measure). Oh, and after the first round of thunderstorms earlier this evening, as a new line was approaching, I watched on the radar as a little single thunderstorm came racing up from the Reading area and made a bee-line right for my neighborhood, hitting us just before it merged with the closing second batch of storms. So basically, we've gotten three rounds of thunderstorm so far tonight. Two partial lines and a little storm that could... and more looks to be coming yet to my Southwest.
  2. It was kind of a mix of the what the HRRR and NAMwere showing. It didn't expand and break up like the HRRR was showing, but it didn't stay fully linear like the NAM had. And some areas didn't get any severe weather (like east-central PA and points to the southwest), so it was a mixed bag in terms of how the line of storms fared coming over the mountains.
  3. Rained pretty hard for a while here in east-central PA. Some lightning and thunder, a bit of wind at times, but nothing severe thankfully. The main thing was the rain just pouring down and filling the air with mist from the droplets hitting everything.
  4. The 4z HRRR has this thing falling part by four A.M., becoming more of a blob of rain with embedded thunderstorms than a squall line as it moves through eastern PA and into NJ, where it redevelops a bit as it heads to the coast. It's actually been showing this for the last several runs, while the NAM keeps the squall line together for the most part (the 0z 3K NAM has it thinning as it comes through, with some breaks). The HRRR's idea wouldn't surprise me, as it tends to happen with a fair bit of regularity as storms cross the mountains.
  5. I've been thinking the same thing. Once the storms get past that area, they tend to start fracturing and weakening to at least some degree more often than not... especially during the nighttime hours. And when I look at the various severe values over at Pivotal, I'm not seeing a big severe weather threat. Gusty storms? Sure. Heavy rain? Sure. But severe to the point of expanding the slight and enhanced risk areas so much farther east? I don't know on that one. Now, I'm not saying that there's no chance of the line holding together like what the NAM shows. God knows I'm no pro at reading maps, model outputs and such. But I do question the idea.
  6. Oh yeeeeaaaaah. I forgot this site still exists outside of the Winter season We had ourselves a little thunderstorm yesterday. Nothing severe thankfully, but a quick hitter that came flying through in about five minutes. Some good thunder though, with just a few hail stones mixed in with the brief rain. A shower followed behind it about 15 minutes later, and it gave us more rain than the thunderstorm. It stuck around for about 15-20 minutes before moving out of the area. And that's your weather report from east-central PA.
  7. Well, with the storm done and snow sticking to... well, everything, it looks like I got somewhere between 7.25" and 8.5" here in east-central PA. All the measurements I took fell between those two numbers, so it's close to the storm back in November for us
  8. My section of east-central PA has roughly 5.75" at the moment and it's still snowing steadily. We made into the called-for range (4-8" was about the average when looking at all the different predictions), now let's see how close we get to the upper end of that range.
  9. The virga storm is real in east-central PA! Get the bread and milk before it flurries!
  10. The winds have finally started settling. All night last night and all day today, it was just wave after wave of wind gusts and long, drawn out dull roars against the house. We were fortunate and kept our power, but it did flicker a few times during the whole event. I think our max gust was in the low 50s here in east-central PA, but I'm not sure. What I am sure about is that 1) I'm glad with damn windstorm is over, and 2) I'm done with this Winter. Ready for some warmth and a lull in the "intensifying low pressure moving away and strong high pressure moving in means lots of wind as the storm departs" crap
  11. There certainly seems to be some disagreement with the upcoming winds tomorrow evening and Monday. The graphical maps for PA still have High Wind Watches up, but the local forecast says it's a High Wind Warning. The discussion of the HWW says gusts between 45-55mph, but the local says up to 60mph Sunday night when the layers were talked about decoupling that would keep the strongest wind gusts away from ground level. EPAWA says 35-45mph gusts, TWC simply says "Higher gusts possible," Accuweather says 55mph gusts, the Windy site shows low 50s for gusts only on Monday morning with their model data (the rest of the time, it's in the 45mph range), and the GIS maps still don't quite line up (the PA section seems a bit bullish compared to the surrounding ones as you head farther east). Hell, even the rain amounts seem disagreed upon (the NWS discussion says 1.5-2", but their maps have us close to the .25-50" and .50-.99" line).
  12. Somehow, it seems as if nearly everything reminds people like him of the '93 storm. Flurries, rain showers, sunny skies... a leaf falling off an Applebee's roof... BOOM! It's just like the setup in '93
  13. So in the end, we got roughly 3" of snow and .25" of ice. Nasty little storm that over produced in all the wrong ways around here in east-central PA. Of course, so did the one in January (almost the same amounts) and the one from last week (we got more freezing rain than we were supposed to).
  14. Alas, poor Farfo, we hardly knew thee. May a waddle of penguins slide thee to thy rest.
  15. We're finally at the edge of the main precip shield of this mess here in east-central PA. We've got little drip-cycles hanging off of the small tree branches in my yard, but considering how long we've been under this freezing rain nonsense, that's actually surprising. I figured it would be looking like what happened back in January (the drip-cycles were noticeably longer from that storm). All I can say is thank God there's no big winds forecast today. The branches and power lines don't need the added stress (especially for the folks farther west that got hit harder with the ice). We've already gotten up to 32ºF at the moment, with a high around 50ºF forecast today. With any luck, a good chunk of the ice will have melted off by sunrise. Oh, and here's a scary image you don't see too often with the GIS maps for PA...
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