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  1. Seems like we just cant ever get under a ridge and away from minute disturbances enough to ever get away from any albeit small chance of rain. As of now Thursday looks to be the only day that's sure to have 0 percent chance of rain. As always, I think the default forecast anymore is to just smatter scattered storms over the forecast though, guess we can argue if that's really warranted. Moving onto this weekend featuring some backdoor front action?
  2. No wind ? Kinda looked like a pretty nasty little bow echo last night moving through that area.
  3. No need to be sorry for us, you guys got it much worse during last weeks event. We just want to get our first cut hay off, and between having to hop around avoiding wet holes to trying to dry hay on wet musty ground is a pain. Can start knocking a pile down tomorrow as long as tonight is just a moderate event, so crossing fingers.......
  4. Im afraid were going to get bombed here in western PA today. Things dried out so nice the past 3 days, and it would only be fitting to slop an inch plus down to screw the opportunities for the next clear weather up. On another note youd be suprised how much things will grow in a weeks time with warm nights and copious amounts of moisture. As I used to tell my wife on a muggy calm night "shhhhh you can hear the corn grow".
  5. Hate to say it, but planting season is pretty much done and gone by this point. You're onto secondary short season crops to salvage the growing season. Corn and beans simply dont have the growing degree days in the northern tier by this point, or in a weeks time.
  6. Are we all going to need some counseling for lousy summer weather like whenever winter turns out warm and wet or cold and dry? I feel I'm getting to that point with it looking like us being visited by a pesky stalled front once again next week.
  7. I've heard pattern changes a comin for months, why change now lol
  8. The new buzz word is no longer "moist" but rather "unsettled"
  9. Wouldn't be right if we didnt get a precip bomb after finally drying out.......
  10. You guys will reap the best of this, while we will be on the crap end in an easterly flow :(
  11. After seeing Weather Worlds extended forecast and 12 day trends, its tempting to go stock up on booze as it's more of the same to them...... Maybe someone has better news? Lol
  12. Cant help but just wanting to scream if there is anywhere that isnt getting bombed by flooding or thunderstorms on a constant basis in this country?
  13. Kinda worried about flooding around here. Think severe is done but were getting the train run on us here :(
  14. Sun is starting to come through regularly here, not looking good....
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