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  1. Hope for a slow transition from Summer to Winter. This maybe be my last Fall in Chicago (and my last Fall I'll ever experience) before I move west next year. Cool, crisp, sunny mornings and lots of colorful leaves is my wish.
  2. My question is, will Chicago finally see a 100 degree day? I been a long time since that happened. Also, anyone else upset to see how hot Alaska is?
  3. MDW hit 90 today! Finally feeling like summer in Chicago, now the daily rain has to stop. I stop complaining now
  4. Talking snow in the Summer thread?!?! I'm starting to believe the average weather in Chicago (in downtown the city proper, not ORD, because it's over 15 miles ways) is 50's and rain. Days have turn to weeks, turned to months of this. I feel since March it's been the same. I'm sure there is reason that somebody here can explain to me why keeps happening.
  5. Trade you, it's 48 degrees in Chicago right now.
  6. I keep wishing that southeast ridge would get stronger as we head into March, but it looks like a cold start.
  7. Midway is a more true reading for Chicago (and that is still a stretch). I still don't understand the logic of having ORD as the official spot.
  8. you got snow? I had 3" of un-flavored Slurpee
  9. Lucky you. We still had school and I had to walk to school on top on that. I remember the piles were so high, other kids were able to walk up the piles and get on the school's roof.
  10. What happens to the polar vortex after all of this? We had the SSW that split it in three. Does it rebound/reform, or is it done for the season? Could we have another SSW?
  11. At least for Chicago, what we lacked in snow, it seemed to be well above average for rain as winter precipitation. What effect it has vs. snowpack and slow melt, I'd like to know.
  12. Years of reading these(& other) forums, that what I often wondered that, or are they all just retired people. Big snows, brutal cool is not enjoyable if your in the city. I can't get out of my alley, there's no where to put the snow, commuting is awful when it's -15 and you got to wait for a bus. I've live thru all the brutal temps here, and back in the 70's/80's I had to walk to school in that. A move to west coast is in the near future. The Great Lakes, to me, feel it's becoming more about extremes (Torch/Freeze) the last decade. 13-14, and when I had a co-worker died trying to get home on the GHD II storm; That really was too much and killed what enjoyment I had of winter. I love weather (storms and serve), I just look at the winter section of the forums as keep tabs on my enemy. I'm not looking forward to next week, I hope the warm up after is real.
  13. LOT just upgraded us the a Blizzard Warning. Should be an interesting night. No matter how much we do get, it will be nice to have a covering that will stick around for a while
  14. I'm still very doubtful on the total close to downtown Chicago. I'm just a few miles from the lake. I feel we always get lower the closer you get.
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