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  1. Heavy, wet snow. Everything is still covered with glue like snow-looks just like an early spring snow.
  2. Fat, heavy, wet snow. Looks like Elmer’s Glue lol... we might have 2-3 “ , still snowing but not quite as fast and furious as earlier.. still good stuff though! Lolol... yay!
  3. Oh yeah!!!... if this was Jan/Feb? We’d be having some serious fun lol! It’s still coming down pretty hard, big fat flakes... I’d guess(?) we have 1-1/2” right now... I’m in Hamilton county Indiana, about 20 minutes N of Indy. Good stuff! The snow haters are flipping out 😂...
  4. Wow weird!!! Was watching the rain, pouring down sideways LITERALLY turn to pouring sideways snow! Still sort of a mix but it’s changing in front of my eyes! And a nasty cold little rain before the snow, too. But it’s sidewys!
  5. Are we for real with those snow maps?! Lol, I told coworkers it might flurry tonight and they laughed, and they laughed and laughed!! 😂😂😂👏
  6. We’ve been getting warnings all week here in Indiana about these winds coming in today...
  7. That’s how it happened here, too. One minute there was nothing going on at all, then rain hit. It was coming down sideways, and winds sounded like a train! Literally. It kind of freaked me out!
  8. Beat me to it, lolol! Not even a single snowflake
  9. I’m SO with ya on this one. August is straight from the pits of hell. And by the way, what IS the deal with stinky people these days lolol??
  10. It’s looking pretty good where I am... Hamilton county north of Indy
  11. Well, mayyybe we’ll get a nice surprise then!!
  12. Nothing happening here so far....when is our dusting supposed to commence?
  13. I’m just excited to know at least SOMETHING white, will happen tomorrow... sighs**... maybe we’ll get a surprise? Maybe?? 😂🙏
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