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  1. @Phased Vort You merged my thread and moved yours up two days only to make a new thread for 27-28 anyway. I put a lot of work into separating the discussion today only for you to jumble it all back up. You’ve definitely soured my future participation in creating threads or participating in the active weather forum. Quite a knee jerk reaction you displayed today.
  2. I’m not going to even bother opening a 27-28 thread yet for risk it will simply get deleted or merged again. I did my best to keep the discussion separated today only for it to get merged into one gigantic lump again that resulted in the original dates being moved two days prior. There remains a chance that the energy for Gulf of Mexico moisture remains off the coast and ots so in my mind it made much more sense to make a new two day thread for that instead of moving the longer more winterey discussion up. I took a logical approach rather than just make a whiplash decision. The way this was handled makes me feel like participating less in the future not more.
  3. Why merge them then?? i could have just changed the dates? Unreal, do you think my intent is to hijack a thread. Come on...
  4. @Phased Vort there are two seperate storms on guidance now which one is your thread for? adjust your dates to the 24-25 if you are discussing the first one. then another thread would be needed fir the 27-28. did you fail to look at today’s guidance or what?
  5. Listen I don’t care what’s what there is a threat for next weekend the 24-25th and then another on the 27-28th Sometimes thread get opened and stuff changes if you want to move the other thread till the 24-25th be my guest I’ll just adjust the one I made till the 27-28 i don’t see the big deal here.
  6. Clearly an earlier wave of precip being depicted by all guidance on the 24-25th I’d much rather discussion not be crammed into a 5day thread. I don’t see a problem here.
  7. Look at guidance today it’s not the same storm
  8. If you merge this you better change the dates to 24-25 and then open a thread for 27-28
  9. Models showing the earlier storm in the 24th just look at current guidance @Phased Vort
  10. I don’t care what you do but there’s going to be two threads necessary for the period most likely
  11. No it’s separate guidance has a front running storm that occurs befor the 27-28
  12. Poconosnow

    November 19-22, 2018 | Turkey Day

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