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  1. A bit tough to tell but a true sun shower today. Got to watch the entire thing from my garage, it was cool. At least a quarter inch in 30 minutes, I'll check the measurement later.
  2. Nice little surprise this afternoon. Still raining which we need in central CT. Albeit a bit of a downpour but I'll take whatever I can get.
  3. This cloud has produced nothing. I disagree with the drought monitors I've seen for my area in central CT. We are dry here. It's been weeks since any REAL measurable rainfall.
  4. How is it that the NWS app radar craps out everytime there's storms rolling through. Nothing major here in central CT but come on. Website seems busted too. No new images since 5:28pm. Wtf?
  5. And we're still dry here in Hebron, CT. Got an inch a few days ago but still below average.
  6. Getting a break from the heavy stuff right now here in Hebron, CT. Nice moderate rain which is sorely needed. Big fail with no pics or radar, my bad. Been working on the project car for hours.
  7. Snow has completely stopped and temp is about 35. Actually used the snowblower this time but as usual it turned into a loud slushy making machine.
  8. Maybe 3 inches here in Hebron, CT. I have now confirmed that this winter has been poop. Yep, that's a bug walking across the little snow we got.
  9. Holy graupel here in central CT. Started about 15 minutes ago
  10. Good luck sir! Ice is indeed the worst, I hope for the best for you.
  11. Holy crap! That does indeed suck. I don't care how "beautiful" it might be, I'd rather see pics than that in my backyard.
  12. Fair enough. 10 miles south of Jackman, ME is where we are staying until Saturday morning. 26 degrees according to cabin thermometer. Been out to Rockwood, the Forks and the Canadian border. Lots of snow up here, probably 2-3 feet in the mountains. Gonna get some rain tomorrow though by the looks of things.
  13. I know this isn't really weather related so to speak but winter has not bypassed northwestern Maine. Mods can delete its too off topic. Got some light rain earlier this week then a few inches of snow. Some pics for the snow starved, as I am when I head home Saturday.
  14. Tired of waiting for winter to come to me, I went to it 😃. Our annual trip to northwestern Maine. Snowing again right now.
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