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  1. Moderate snow here for the last 15 minutes or so.
  2. Power is out near me until late tomorrow night, pretty rough go of it this morning. Ice is starting to melt now and crash off the trees and everything else. Sounds like it's hailing with some of the bigger chunks.
  3. No plans to go out today, working from home thankfully. It was too messy to drive 30 miles into the office.
  4. Measured close to 0.40" of ice this morning. Everything was a skating rink, was safer to walk through the grass than on pavement or concrete. Power is out close to the house but we're still hanging on.
  5. Ice Storm Warning IMBY, 0.20-0.30 inches of ice.
  6. WWA issued this morning for late tonight and tomorrow morning. Not looking forward to driving in any ice.
  7. Hit -11 overnight, friends in Brooklyn, MI got down to -18.
  8. I didn't have school for a whole week during the cold outbreak in 94. University of Toledo has canceled classes tomorrow and Thursday, will only assume BGSU to follow.
  9. This phrase should be trademarked.
  10. Go from 0 or below on Thursday to upper 40s and rain on Sunday. Only in the midwest.
  11. From Ross Ellet in Toledo.
  12. Snow has begun here. Expecting 1-2" overnight
  13. Local mets saying this will be a light shoveling job tomorrow morning. I guess I'll take it if the Monday system doesn't do much around these parts.
  14. Ended up with about a half inch overnight.
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