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  1. Note to self: Sun angle/March 3/35^/intensity 20dbz/paved surfaces - stickage time of difference 5:09pm
  2. Getting squalled right now, the dogs actually aren't liking it.
  3. Updated pic. Now time to drink it and shovel. 4.25”
  4. Last heavy burst on the western edge moving through now with big silver dollar flakes falling.
  5. This has been a fun one as staying right at freezing or below all day was a nice "miss" for a change. Just measured 1.75" and looks to be another 3-4 hours of moderate snow. It will just be nice to have it come right before the cold and that it will look like winter for awhile. Going for a little walk to get some pictures.
  6. And that is knowing our micro-climate. I saw you posting about the temps and we never got above 32 here today, I imagine that the cutoff with snow to rain is running within a couple miles of the ridge. You should get the changeover shortly and a couple hours of moderate snow at least.
  7. Dogs have been out since 130 and I don’t think they’ll come in any time soon. Intensity has picked up again in the last 5 mins.
  8. Second batch started here now and hardest it's been all day. Those forecast highs of 35-37 I don't see happening. (for northern bucks, montco on north)
  9. Radar - HRRR comparison. Radar shot is from 1130, HRRR at 12. The precip in Lancaster county and northern MD was not shown on HRRR to develop until 2pm. I also think the forecasted temps on the hrrr and nam from northern bucks and Montgomery on north are probably too high.
  10. Been snowing steadily the last 30 mins here in northern MontCo. Can it keep going until the heavier stuff arrives this afternoon and evening is the big question, HRRR and NAM future radar both show a little break in the action. Temp is 28 with DP of 23
  11. Thumping pretty good right now in northern Montgomery county,PA
  12. So do we have the high pressure forecast correctly? Someone always said forecast the high - forecast the storm or is something about this storm different that that isn't the case? Is this the storm where the low finally wins out and forces the cold air to retreat? As always these answers are more nowcasting issues than anything so has anyone started looking west to see what actually is happening as compared to what has been modeled?
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