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  1. Yeup. Be interesting to see what the next few months bring. Really curious if we are going into another maunder minimum phase. Although I can see it taking another cycle or two to really get into the depths of it if we are.
  2. Anyone know what was going on in 1950 to cause a VERY cold year? I put together a spreadsheet of our local weather using data from our local NOAA weather station. It goes back to 1948. I noticed that 1950 was a VERY cold year. From January 1950, through April 1951, the only month above average was October. Almost every other month was at least 3 degrees below. The average for that time period was 4.8 degrees below average. It also had one of the earliest recorded freezing temps in our area (north Iowa). I did try to do some looking around online, but couldn't find anything. Just wondering if anyone here with more knowledge might be able to see what the heck happened that year. Thanks!
  3. Yeup. I looked through my spreadsheet, and since 1948, we (north iowa) had 7 Octobers with over an inch of snow. All but 2 were warmer than average winters. And only 3 of the 7 had above average snowfalls for us.
  4. Ya. I have to agree. I personally do love the cold predictions, but do prefer realistic ones. I'll still follow him just out of curiosity, but certainly take everything with a grain of salt. He sound like he's very young and quite new to this. Everyone does have to start somewhere. He probably just needs a few more years on him to learn to take biasness out of his forecasts.
  5. Pretty sure if that were accurate, we would be in for some serious trouble 😂
  6. That is perfect! It has the information I'm looking for going way back! Thank you!!
  7. So, whenever I can mess around with my winter history spreadsheet, I try to find more info and corollaries. When I put the yearly snow totals on a chart, it's showing a nice general increase over the last 16 years. I haven't figured out how to go further back then where I'm at in terms of data. I know it's out there for the station I'm using, but I haven't found it yet. Also, so far I'm ONLY tracking snow, not overall moisture. So some warmer days are slipping by me as it rained instead of snowed. Although my general temperature deviation doesn't show any kind of general increase or decrease in temperature. Not sure what to make of it, maybe our snow falls are in a long term increase, which i won't complain about 🙂 Note: the year listed at the bottom is the year starting that winter, instead of the usual. So "10" is for '2010/2011' winter.
  8. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️ I do!! The 2 that I posted there are fairly new to me. And it looks like Direct Weather have been doing it for quite a few years, but I haven't been able to find many of them yet to get a good track record. Since many of these update a lot through the fall, usually what I go by is the September predictions. I kind of picked September as that's when the 2 farmer's almanacs come out. Oh, and looking at the colors, dark green is spot on, dark red is way off. Yellow is mixed/unable to really say. And these are all for where I am in North Iowa based on observations at my local NOAA weather station at the Mason City Iowa airport.
  9. Yeup. And he admits in his video that he's calling for a very similar prediction as last year. Even down to December being mostly above average with NJF being below. Just looks like he's calling for it to be more extreme, which I don't mind.
  10. Well, the predictions have begun. I do like this one though. Hope he's right! 😊 Edit: just today direct weather put their early forecast out.
  11. @PlanetMaster @weather_boy2010 Not a mod or anything. And certainly not disagreeing with anything you guys were saying. Just want to give a friendly reminder to try and keep the chats on this thread about winter weather predictions and such. 🙂
  12. That's what I love to hear! Anecdotally, this spring has start off very similar to '13 here in the upper midwest.
  13. Nice to see the 2019-2020 winter board is off and going :) I'll add some thoughts, although I'll fully admit they are completely subjective and not very scientific. But still fun to think through. Just looking at my region (upper midwest), I'm thinking it's going to be a very cold and snowy. The two big things I'm looking at are the solar minimum and this years weather thus far. The last time we went into a solar minimum, my local station had DJF average temps of 4.23 deg below normal for both effected winters (07-08, 08-09). Snowfall was normal to slightly above. This spring has certainly been very wet here. I farm on the side and my family almost didn't get half of our crop in, but lucked out with a few warm and dry days. Most of the country and farmers weren't so lucky. The last time we had this wet and cool of a spring and summer was 2013. That following winter was a very harse one for almost everyone, as you all know. I know, A LOT more goes into it than just such generalized observations, but it's interesting to try and find such corollaries. I can hope for a harsh winter anyway. Certainly will be interesting to follow you all and see what you all come up with from a more scientific bases :) btw, loving this cool start to summer! Hopefully it stays cool.
  14. North Central Iowa here. We usually get a low down to -20 once a year.... our record is -32. Would be interesting to live through breaking that record 😉
  15. Yeup. I have average monthly temps in a spreadsheet going back to 2005. Since then (here in North Iowa), we've had 5 Decembers that were at least 1 deg F above average. Of those, 2 had well below average Feb. 9.1 and 10.3 below exactly. And another had a Feb just a little below. So ya, no where near ready to write out winter yet!
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