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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. Nasty, low visibility in Newmarket/Aurora. Accidents all over the place and I hear it's only going to get worse this afternoon. Be safe out there on the roads all.
  2. Snowfall warning ends in Richmond Hill, about 10 minutes away from me where they could see 15 cm according to Environment Canada. 10 minutes doesn't seem like a big deal so I'm wondering if Newmarket will get this much as well.... I'm good with 5 cm if it means I don't have to worry about the drive home...
  3. Puttinqueen

    February 12th-14th Winter Storm

    Newmarket is all snow so far, but nothing heavy. I've seen worse snow squalls than this; and to think I took the day off as a vacation day so I wouldn't have to drive... I suppose it could always change...I can't see 20 cm like they are saying
  4. Puttinqueen

    February 12th-14th Winter Storm

    So is this a non event for me in Newmarket, just north of the GTA? Need to know as my son is driving to college in King City....where is everyone
  5. Puttinqueen

    January 28th 29th Clipper

    Coming down pretty good here now... visibility is poor. I would guess we are close to 8 cm or a bit more. Definitely not a nice night to travel. Stay safe everyone.. Hubby works in Mississauga and they are getting hit pretty hard. He's staying put at his dads tonight.
  6. Puttinqueen

    January 28th 29th Clipper

    Newmarket has had worse conditions in snow squalls. Picking up in intensity now, but I think other areas are getting hit harder than me...come morning, I'll eat my words.
  7. Newmarket getting hit with a pretty good streamer of green on the radar. Coming down pretty heavy at the moment...
  8. Puttinqueen

    January 23-24 precipitation event

    Newmarket/Aurora getting heavy snow since 4 or 5 am. Still snowing hard, lots of accidents. I hear there is a potent clipper on the horizon next week. Aren't they pretty much moisture starved? what makes this one different?
  9. Puttinqueen

    January 19th-21st Winter Storm

    so I am at 4.8 whatever that means... I don't get kuchera… but it is impressive that it moved north. What a ride.
  10. Puttinqueen

    January 19th-21st Winter Storm

    Trust the people on here before The Weather Network, please. Even EC doesn't know as much as these people. I don't see 15 cm for me, but whatever I get, will be fine. I think it will get heavier as the day wears on. At least it isn't rain. Those poor southern boys are probably wishing for our tiny amounts, from what they started out as.... food for thought.
  11. Puttinqueen

    January 19th-21st Winter Storm

    That's the consensus... I'm waiting for the bulk to hit here overnight... Still, nice to see but OMG, how stressful this week has been tracking this. I can't remember a more finickity storm.... Still happy to watch whatever falls down. Making a nice dinner, having a MASH a thon and looking out at the snow. Beautiful day.
  12. Puttinqueen

    January 19th-21st Winter Storm

    Wow, you're killing me. Beautiful house by the way! I hope end up with 15 cm, just to shut up the naysayers in my house... Enjoy your storm! Thanks for all the help! All of you. Love that we've come back together again, just like old times. Tracking, following stressful storms and lovin the outcome....
  13. Puttinqueen

    January 19th-21st Winter Storm

  14. Puttinqueen

    January 19th-21st Winter Storm

    I wish someone could hazard a guess for Newmarket, I hate not knowing what to expect...