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  1. I used to live near Erie and then Ontario. A fantastic micro climate, all four seasons. Lake Effect storms year round. Waterspouts. Severe weather at both extremes, and yet overall a great climate. Buffalo is actually one of the sunniest cities in the USA. If it weren't for the taxes and such, I'd move back to WNY in a heartbeat. Really nice place, particularly if you are a weather-watcher.
  2. Wow. You're not that far west of EPA, and yet we got basically nothing. This is the driest spell we've had in about a year. Something like 4 or 5 days, if the forecast is to be believed. Hot enough for drying, too. My bird bath is dry for the first time in months.
  3. I planted some grass seed on a patch that I had dug up. I had to water it. I had forgotten how to run a sprinkler...
  4. Veggies are over-watered here, but most have survived. If we can get a real hot and dry spell - say, 7 days, then the crops might be OK. Otherwise we're going to have a weaker crop, and less taste. If we got another run of seriously wet weather, we could see significant failures. Some areas are just too wet already.
  5. Wow - I am really sorry to hear that. Weather has been pretty brutal these past 12 months. I'm just hoping that the rain that's forecast for here later this evening and through tomorrow is moderate or even light. They're still calling for showers, and a few t-storms, but nothing severe. Severe would be very un-wanted at this point. As I said, we have pond-scum growing already.
  6. Vitamin D is fully re-charged. I spend copious amounts of time under that glorious sun. Ran window fans at night to force that deliciously cool night air into the house. Heat wave coming, but it's almost July so that's to be expected. I mowed the lawn on Saturday, fully 30 hours after the last rain drops. Swampy, boggy sections were still everywhere. I had to hose mud off of the tractor, post-cut. Pretty grim, and even stinky. It actually was starting to grow pond scum and such, in my lawn. Today, after two more days of direct sunlight, it's dry to the touch. We're getting there. The creeks are still high, but it will take quite some time for drainage and evaporation to bring things back to normal. Current forecast of showers and a few t-storms would be perfect. Not that we need the water, but this doesn't sound like much, and it is followed by some serious heat. A bit of baking is what the local crops really need. There has been so much water damage... "Knee high by the fourth of July?" I don't think so, but if we get a week of mostly dry higher temps? Maybe.
  7. Yes, that's what AW is calling for. I surely hope that those storms are mild to moderate, however. Continuation of the "deluge ever 3rd day" will only drive up insurance claims.
  8. As this glacial hurricane continues, the road closings increase. My commute is becoming "interesting," as I detour around wash-out after wash-out. If we can get four or five dry days, particularly if we can get some sunshine, then the creeks and rivers might recede enough to get things operational. Dry? Hardly, but at least operational again. My wife continues to re-purchase and re-plant herbs for the garden, stubbornly refusing to believe that it can be this wet. We've lost quite a few to water already. Lots of yellow in our shrubs, too. Tomatoes have bolted, trying desperately to absorb the water. Yeah, it's great.
  9. Absolutely. OTOH, the dry-slot, which is forecasted for these next 54 hours, is still there - it just slid back. The trouble with that is that the water-phase of this dance was expanded, and that's the last thing that we needed. A dry Friday, which ABSOLUTELY was the forecast, is now a "mostly wet" day. Again. Just look at all of the pictures posted here. We are past the point of concern, and into the realm of insurance claims. Missing these forecasts is only driving a further credibility wedge between those who consume that product, and those who make it. A missed dry-day is a big deal, at this point. I just posted that AW is predicting, in their month-view, a few weeks that appear to be drier than what we've had. Certainly not a true dry spell, and if those "possible t-storms" morph into the same'ol pattern of Deluges between brief spots of sun, then the insurance claims are just going to increase. Hopefully nobody will be hurt, beyond their emotions.
  10. AW is calling for a definite lessening of the water, without going out on a limb and calling "pattern change." The current LR Forecast is mostly dry and sunny - seasonal. They do, however, keep t-storms listed as a distinct possibility for about 2 days for every 5. If that plays out, and they are serious storms, we remain submerged. There's just nowhere else for the water to go. We need a week of "nearly no water, and a lot of sunshine" just to gain a toe-hold. One problem that nobody seems to mention is evaporative cloud formation. I notice now that even when it's sunny, it rapidly clouds up as the sun pounds on the sodden ground. Heat+Water=... well, clouds. A truly cloud-free day seems nearly impossible at this point.
  11. Brutal. Just brutal. Sorry about that. Maybe someone can give us an idea of when this pattern might break? If there is no end in sight, then certain activities have to be initiated - activities that wouldnt normally happen. I'll dig a few new french drains, that I previously had no need for, for example.
  12. There was a real chance of severe non-rain, this morning. We really dodged a bullet when the water finally arrived. Whew, that was close...
  13. I'm now referring to this as Hurricane Glacier. Not for the temperature, but for the pace. For about 355 days now we've been experiencing near perpetual moisture, often torrential like today. The flooding here is unbelievable. A noted casualty: mulch. Mulch beds have been washed away. If only that was the worst of it...
  14. Fortunately it's only been this way for a year. We even got thunder during the winter, this year. Couldn't buy a serious snowstorm, but rain/hail/lightning/flooding? That we have.
  15. Tweet from Mt. Holly, now known as "Holly Island." "Philadelphia has received more than 4 inches of rain in the past 3 hours. Normal rainfall for the entire month of June is 3.43 inches. Several Flash Flood Warnings are in effect, please heed them! #NJwx #PAwx" ISN'T THAT EXCITING? I'm going to invest in a catfish farm. it's called "my lawn."
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