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  1. Not sure if anyone saw 06z 3km nam and not sure how well it does with tropical systems but here it is at hour 60 while still strengthening.
  2. Unfortunately, I’m 99% certain that with the colors being brown, that is indicating above average temps country wide. Blue would be below normal.
  3. Had a severe storm roll through between 10 and 11pm last night followed by this this morning on Blue Knob. 😂
  4. So far, just some showers and isolated heavy rain in Altoona, PA. I’m guessing it won’t get good until tonight when the line comes through.
  5. HWO from State College: Severe thunderstorms with damaging winds 60 mph or greater and large hail exceeding 1 inch in diameter are probable late this afternoon and this evening. A few tornadoes are also possible. Heavy rain in thunderstorms may lead to isolated instances of flooding.
  6. Here’s the updated Day 2 SPC images: I’m not sure how to add text so someone else will need to post that.
  7. Currently flurrying on Blue Knob. Looks like we got some wet snow over night
  8. 32 degrees on Blue Knob. Had a nasty ice storm on the mountain overnight. Lots of large tree branches down. Roads are covered in ice. Forecast high for today went from 55 to 45.
  9. Getting a nice steady snow on Blue Knob right now. We probably have a half inch to an inch of fresh new snow
  10. Ok. I see based on RobB’s post that it appears that the main storm is still back towards Ohio
  11. Currently getting flurries on Blue Knob. Not sure if this is the actual storm yet or not.
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