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  1. What a beauty. So.... Looking forward, it seems we have a storm for Friday, and, some talk of the NAO going negative next week and still the possibility of snow. Should we create a thread for either? Or, is everyone over this Winter?
  2. I see that Friday is looking like we could get snow aroumd Southern new England. Should we open a new thread?
  3. Very cool. I think these are one of the most impressive Woodpeckers. They are called Pileated Woodpecker
  4. So.. What does that mean as far as precip? Type? I am in central CT. Just wondering if snow can make it here?
  5. I'll take it for a thousand Alex. No really, I want this storm. Let this be the last big hurrah for this winter let it go out with a bang as it started
  6. Funny.. Theres no mention on the 11:00 wvit news. They are very reliable, but, only talking about the Sunday storm? Confused here?
  7. Yeah.. He does this often. Even with the last storm..he was negative right up to the point that things looked real good. I've said something to him before about being so pessimistic ( he shot back at me with more negativity ). I finally stopped as it wasnt worth my energy anymore.
  8. Interesting, my met on NBC4 Connecticut weather station just up'd the totals to 6 to 10 +. He said that he. Sees pops of a foot of snow in some spots. He even said there's a chance of some Thunder. My how that's changed from this morning and yesterday ( in a good way )
  9. From current modeling, I'm just west of Hartford and I see probably between 8 and 12 for me
  10. Well, WWA is now up for all 4 northern counties of Connecticut, should see the southern counties go up shortly. NWS is calling for 2-5". Strange though... They have the WWA up from 1:00 am tonight until 7:00 pm tomorrow ( this storm should be over by 10 ish in the morning )? A couple of different meteorologists from our local channels in Connecticut mention tho chance of some snow separately in the evening for a possible shortwave coming in from the north. Could that be why they put it up to 7? Anyway, probably overthinking this one LOL
  11. What does the Euro show in Southern New England ( Connecticut )?"
  12. Has the Euro come out yet for the Sunday Eve/Monday event?
  13. Doesnt seem that way for Southern New England on north for 95 though. But, close 😬
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