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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. Herald mail in Hagerstown has a wild video posted from a storm chaser and a barn roof that was ripped off. I just can't get link to post from my phone. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.publicopiniononline.com/amp/3527088002 I think I got it.
  2. These were some really nasty storms. Looks like there was a brief tornado touchdown in the Cumberland valley. Hearing rumors of one in blue ridge summit, pa ?!!! Mountain locale with one? Anyone find NWS reports? Actually now seeing pretty good video of a tornado touchdown in franklin county, pa.
  3. Tornado warnings for several counties in western MD/WV. Wicked line of storms. Hunkering down. 59F.
  4. 30.6F with light snow here in Garret county, MD. sigh. Terrible storms for many last night. Hope the flooding in the NE subsides quickly.
  5. Amazing. Truly it is. Its 70F here today.
  6. I am rather shocked to see that Caribou's record snowfall year is just under 200". Well under western MD's record of 262" and right around @Mike W IN ALTMAR average annual snowfall. Pretty wild. The biggest difference I guess is relying on synoptic systems and not lake effect or upslope. Not trying to diminish the Caribou winter in any way as I know it's temperature profiles are similar to Barrow, Alaska.
  7. I was just sitting here watching baseball when the "nerd alarm" went off. And rightfully so. Yikes.
  8. Cold this morning. Low 20's with light snow now letting up. Pretty pics @Mike W IN ALTMAR
  9. We're actually not allowed to go to work unless we're at least 6 beers deep... High country code it is... Also, Thank you for finding my "shine" drum. I will stop by in my 78' hooptie to pick her up.
  10. You dare question the great and powerful oz?!!!!
  11. *sings* I will follow him... Follow him where ever he may go... There isn't an ocean too deep... A mountain too high it could keep, keep me away.... Sorry. Just watched Sister Act on TNT. With commercials only took 11 hours.
  12. You guys are tough. It got a couple sunny days right this winter. Geez.
  13. Just the critters. Some big ole fatty tatty flakes this evening.
  14. Really impressive snow squalls this afternoon. Pretty wild. 33F. Looks like more to come.