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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. bradjl2009

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    Got up 79 here today which is our highest temp of the year so far too. Looking at the forecast, NWS is saying nothing higher than low 70's for the next week, so it looks like we have a shot at having our latest first 80 degree day since 2009 when it happened on 4/24. The average date of the first 80 in Pittsburgh over the last 40 years is 4/16. I am perfectly fine with this since I won't have AC in my apartment until next month.
  2. Pittsburgh is actually below normal for rain this month and was last month too overall by a little over an inch. Looks like this won't be an insane amount of rain for the long week IMBY too, but the cool days will be nice still. Got up to 79 here today.
  3. bradjl2009

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    Stuff really started to bloom about a week ago here in Pittsburgh. I'd say this is pretty close to normal though of when you'd start to expect to see things coming out. Last year at this time, everything was still bare, but then we had those four days of upper 70s to low 80s which got some stuff out, but the cold that came back right after kept other stuff from really getting going for another almost two weeks.
  4. bradjl2009

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    It seems like it happens there so much more than other parts of the country this time of year. It got into the upper 70s in NYC today but was only in the mid 40s in Boston. That's just obnoxious and def seems to happen a bit. I'm not a fan of well above normal days so when there's that one unusually warm April day, I wouldn't mind one here but yeah they almost never come this far west lol.
  5. bradjl2009

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    I feel like New England has consistently the worst spring weather in the country. Much of the US today is enjoying weather in the 60s to 80s except once you get north of the CT coast where everyone in New England looks to be in the 30s and 40s.
  6. bradjl2009

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    You're right, it was below normal this March but it was nothing at all like last year, and unlike last April, I'm not seeing any widespread snow and days where it doesn't even hit 40 like we had last April.
  7. bradjl2009

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    It happened last year here for our three day reprieve from our coldest April in 20 years and also last month it got a few degrees warmer than they said it would for March 15th in much of the Northeast. 80 still seems like a stretch though.
  8. bradjl2009

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    I don't think I'd bank on 80 in Pittsburgh. The NWS and Weather Channel have us around 70 Sunday and Monday. Maybe 75 though. These one day warm pushes this time of year can often end up warmer than what they forecast. I noticed the newest CPC 6-10 and 8-14 day outlooks are leaning to the northern half of the country being at or below normal. Far cry from the 80% of above normal they showed a few days ago.
  9. bradjl2009

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    Looking at the departures for Detroit and Flint for March, it actually is very similar to what Pittsburgh is at as of March 30th. As of that date, all three cities are right about 2.5 degrees below normal, so it really hasn't been colder in your area what I've had down here compared to the average.
  10. bradjl2009

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    I am thinking it will be above normal for April in much of the east. Doesn't seem like there is any true cold coming for the next 10 days after this two day stretch finishes up tomorrow and once we get to mid April, it gets pretty tough to have afternoons where it's in the 30's. The high here in Pittsburgh today was 40 F (and that was at midnight, didn't get above 35 during the daylight hours of today). Like I said above with the long range, I am feeling pretty confident this will be the last day the high is this low IMBY until November. Interestingly, since 1979, the average last date there is a high at or below 40 in Pittsburgh is April 1st, so we are almost dead on the average if this does end up being the final date we stay this low for the season.
  11. No snow, but January like with an temp of 28 right now. Had a high of 40 today apparently just after midnight EST/ 1 AM EDT and it has been slowly falling in general since then. Most likely, this is the last time we have a day this cold for over seven months.
  12. Not really expecting snow, but goodness will it be cold here still tomorrow and even into Monday a little! Only supposed to be 34 tomorrow afternoon and 43 on Monday. With what the long range is showing, I feel confident tomorrow and Monday will likely be the coldest afternoons we're going to experience until at least late October.
  13. This really is a boring time of year IMO. Too warm for any winter weather a vast majority of the time around this period, but still too early and cool in the spring for much to be going on outside as well.
  14. bradjl2009

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    Pittsburgh actually was 4 inches below normal for total precip in 2016, the thing about that year though is it looks like a lot of months were a little before normal for rain, but not a lot, so it wasn't too noticable for many. I remember for the awful drought of 2012 in the Midwest too, we sort of just missed out on the worst of that thankfully. It was dry in June 2012, but a very wet July prevented a drought here.
  15. bradjl2009

    Spring 2019 | Outlooks and Discussions

    Eh, I don't think it's too likely many will switch to above normal IMO. There's only a few days left in the month, so that makes it harder for a few days to cause as big of a swing, and average highs this time of year in many places are now into the low to mid 50s in the mid latitudes, so a day in the 60s isn't that 'out of wack' like it would have been two weeks ago. Sunday looks like it could be on the cold side in many parts of the East as well. I know IMBY we're 3.6 degrees below average for the month and today and tomorrow should finish below average too for me.