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  1. We haven't had a September that's been near or below normal since 2014. We're definitely due for one so I hope it happens. I have really been hating the July like warmth that has been way too common in September and October since 2015. Yeah of course 80s in September and occasionally will happen, but the amount of days in those two months with highs in the 80s the last few years has been extreme.
  2. Ugh that just sounds horrible. I was in Boston and Maine earlier this summer and hated how early the sun was up and going down compared to Pittsburgh (even though both have higher amount of daylight then I do during the summer). Pittsburgh being in the middle of the Eastern time zone has decent sunset times overall. Not too early or late.
  3. At least it still doesn't look as bad as that weekend in late July was. It also looks like once we get to Thursday and Friday there could be a two to three day cool down to below normal at least.
  4. I've been noticing the days getting shorter for a little over three weeks now. I still have 12 days to go of sunsets at or after 8 PM though.
  5. Temperature wise, I was fine with June, but all of the rain then and in most of July sucked, along with the warmth and humidity we regularly had the first three weeks of the month too. The last week or so and this month so far has been pretty nice though.
  6. Ended up with about a half inch of rain here in Pittsburgh today. Because it was cloudy all day and the gaps between the rain weren't too long, it actually only got to 72 today here! Our fifth day in a row it was below normal. For daytime highs, it looks like Pittsburgh was one of the coolest today in the Eastern half of the country!
  7. I agree with a lot of your sentiments. What drives me crazy are their 60-80% chances of throughout the summer that turnout to be partly sunny or only feature rain for a half hour at most. They need to find a better way because percentages that high lead many to believe the day will be a washout when it turns out not to be. But anyway, today turned out to be our forth day in a row it was below normal (albeit barley lol). High got to 85 instead of the 87-88 predicted thanks to clouds moving in later in the afternoon. Low this morning also got down to 58, which was a couple degrees below our predicted of 61.
  8. Lol I agree. Hopefully though we don't get any tropical remnants of rain that bring us several inches of it like last year. That major reason event was what did us in for the new precip record.
  9. Yes, ever since the hot and extremely humid air mass left three weeks ago, it's been pretty tranquil and I'd guess near normal temperate wise for the most part. The grass is still pretty green, but in places where there isn't grass, the ground is looking a little dry.
  10. We are on day 3 IMBY of it being below normal, but yeah I was expecting a little more of a cool down too. I swear the CPC kept pushing it back for two weeks. It looks like up to Thursday we should be pretty close to normal too minus tomorrow. I'm hoping though we can have another cool down by the end of the month and into Labor Day. It's also amazing how highs at an official observation site can work sometimes too. Yesterday it got to 80 while the highest hourly observation was 78, and today the high was 80 too (which was actually two degrees less than they called for), but the hourly observation spent a couple hours right at 80. I guess it just amazes me a little how some days the high can spike 2 to 3 degrees between an hourly observation then go back down while others with similar conditions, it can just hold steady at the hourly observation as the high.
  11. Got down to 55 this morning. Good enough to to be our coolest morning since late June. It was fantastic sleeping weather! Too bad looking at the long range it doesn't look like we have much of a chance of it getting that cool again for some time . Now for a day at Fallingwater and Ohiopyle State Park.
  12. Only got to 59 last night. It was the low they called for, so they got it right, but it was already down to 60 before 4 am here, so i was expecting it to drop more than just a degree with the few hours we had of dark left and the cooler air we're in.
  13. Pretty much a perfect summer day here in Pittsburgh. High of 78 and partly sunny. Dew points tumbled throughout the day too from a dew of 63 at 8 AM to 48 at 6 PM. Hoping we get down into the 50's overnight.
  14. Here in Pittsburgh, we've had three winters since 1990 feature at least an inch of snow in October, 1992, 1993, and 2011. 2011-12 by a miracle ended up only four inches below normal with snow despite the extreme warmth. The other two years however were some of the best winters we've ever had, so maybe those of us in the Interior are safe to take this for the team 😂
  15. No, rain wise it hasn't really been too bad the last two weeks though storms are in our forecast tonight and tomorrow so we'll see how much those drop.
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