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  1. Most of the posters here are in the Quebec-Windsor corridor, and the main interesting item is winter snowfall events. There's usually nothing much happening during the summer. This part of Canada gets a rare tornado, or an even very rare hurricane remnants like Hazel in 1954 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurricane_Hazel But most of the summer it's "sunny with cloudy periods, becoming cloudy with sunny periods", with occasional rainfall events. I grew up in Winnipeg (think northern extension of US Great Plains). We had quite a few "interesting" thunderstorms every summer. Most of the thunderstorms in our area are wimpy in comparison. Like "Ahnold" says, we'll be back... come the winter.
  2. A few rumbles of thunder just now near Dufferin+Steeles
  3. Rainfall warnings posted, so expect very little snow. Sorry.
  4. Let's just say the NAM tends to overstate snowfall amounts. The GFS text shows a bit of snow in the Quebec-Windsor Corridor, but temperatures are forecast in the low-to-mid 30's Fahrenheit, so don't expect much accumulation, except maybe for Quebec City.
  5. Dry spell coming up. The GFS text prog indicates no precipitation at all through at least evening of the 28th for southern Ontario (London/Waterloo/Hamilton/Toronto).
  6. It looks like mostly rain with some snow for southern Ontario, and mostly snow for Ottawa/Montreal/Quebec. Quebec City looks like it gets a dump of snow (30 cm).
  7. https://www.accuweather.com/en/ca/erin-mills/l5l/weather-forecast/3383227 They say 1-2 inches tomorrow and 3-6 Sunday?!?!? Note that I'm using a browser extension that sets dark background...
  8. Are you sure this is for GTA March 2/3? EC is calling for 2 cm Saturday, which is in line with the GFS. For that matter, so is MyForecast.com (yeah, I know).
  9. March 1 00Z GFS text forecast looks mehhh. Approx 1-to-2 cm in southern Ontario, and 4-to-5cm for Ottawa/Montreal/Quebec.
  10. The GFS text forecast is relatively innocuous. 1-to-2 cm in southern Ontario, and in Quebec City. Ottawa/Montreal looking for 4-to-5 cm.
  11. GFS text still in the 10-to-15 cm range for southern Ontario.
  12. GFS text looks like approximately 10-to-15 cm for Windsor through Toronto.
  13. The FIM-8 map forecast, being an American product, gives wind speeds in knots. Quick-n-dirty conversion; 100 km/h == 54 knots (by definition!). Note also that this is sustained speed at 10 metres above the surface. Wind tends to be higher over open water than over land/ice. The windspeed maps echo the currently unfrozen areas of the Great Lakes.
  14. The following is according to the GFS text forecast. It looks to hit aToronto approx 4 PM. BTW, freezing rain is for southern Ontario up to Hamilton. Toronto starts with snow turning to rain. Ottawa/Montreal/Quebec look to get straight snow. Here's the forecast.
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