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  1. Watch issued along and North of I-70
  2. For you peeps north of I-70:
  3. I am safe, Snow! I live in Moraine which was south and southwest of the tornadic storms. Thanks for your concern, bud! I am hoping everyone in our region and your family and friends are safe!
  4. Thanks for your concern, bud. I am safe. The action took place to my North and Northeast. Mainly lightning in my neck of the woods.
  5. I just wanted to check in. You are correct, Michelle. In my neck of the woods, I had only a passing bit of rain with plenty of lightning (especially to the north). I took video of the lightning display whilst the tornado sirens were going off. Pretty eerie. I hope everyone is safe!
  6. Finally replaced my Vantage Pro I with a Vantage Pro 2 this week. Until yesterday, I haven't been able to locally measure rainfall since late February. Glad that is rectified. I still have to likely purchase a data logger replacement so I can get my data back on the web. At least now, I can take measurements again :)
  7. RobB

    April 19-23 Storm

    Lots of rain! I am still waiting on whether my new Vantage Pro 2 station has shipped. My Vantage Pro 1 quit recording rains back in late February. :(
  8. RobB

    April 19-23 Storm

    I get a kick out of how we describe how weather feels on particular days of the season. I, like you, would describe this weather as Octoberish (Fallish) but when one looks at average temps, it is also in line with April weather. This is why I like meteorological seasons being used instead of astronomical. Lets us know that weather is not so abnormal as it would seem.
  9. March 2019 CONUS temp anomaly map:
  10. Seasonal snow totals. One of the better snow total winter seasons IMBY. Most came from small events, though I did see one 7.5 plus event.
  11. Very heavy rain just ended. Rainbow shot I took from back deck
  12. As my car is a 2005 Grandprix with 135,000 miles, I tend to not put it in the garage when hail potential is high. Sacrifice some denting on the car and take the insurance money for more useful stuff. That'll change when I get a new car...
  13. Stay safe! I wish I was smart as you. I would have my family in the basement. Me? Not so much......
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