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Spring Fever Spreading

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  1. SNOWBOB11

    End Of Snow?

    I’d be surprised if there wasn’t at least one more snowfall before the season is over. In fact take a look at the 18z GFS.
  2. NAM showing a bit of ZR before the WAA moves in. GFS is mainly rain. We’ll see how it goes but I don’t expect too much in the way of frozen precipitation from this event for S ON.
  3. 12z euro still shows the second system affecting ON to some degree. Basically we are on the outer edge. System really picks up steam as it heads to the maritimes. Should be a good storm for NB.
  4. Tomorrows system looks to drop a couple cm for the area with the initial weak low tracking across the region. It’s looking more likely the second low will be mainly south of the lakes. Euro is showing the outer bands affecting S ON but it’s not looking like a direct hit.
  5. ECM remains the furthest NW with the main low pressure system. It does seem to have moved a tick SE from yesterdays 12z run.
  6. 00z NAM looks well NW.
  7. Originally it looked like a stronger system would be tracking in around this time, but now the latest model guidance suggests a weaker system with the main energy being held back a day or two before developing and tracking into the region. Here’s some images from the 12z euro. First system is weak but sets the stage for the stronger low. GFS also is now showing this setup but has the second system tracking further south, although it’s been slowly showing more of a north track the last few runs.
  8. Man, Hamilton is turning into the new snow belt with all the lake snows this year.
  9. About 5 cm so far in Whitby. Snow is currently falling moderately.
  10. Snowing moderately now east of Toronto. Radar looks pretty decent.
  11. I’m surprised environment canada is going as high as 20 cm for the GTA. No model is showing more than 15 cm. I’d be more inclined to go with around 10 cm with possibly up to 15 cm in some areas if the lake band develops.
  12. Liking the 3k NAM by the way showing over 6” for the GTA.
  13. I don’t have much time today for model watching but from a glance it looks to start around 10am for the GTA. Earlier in the SW. I’m thinking a general 10 cm with possibly a bit more for areas around the west end of lake ontario.
  14. SNOWBOB11

    Feb 24-25 Wind Storm

    Winds still strong out there this morning. Not much in the way of snow squalls from the front that moved through down my way. On a separate note the mid week clipper system has been showing up on the models now for a while and continues to look reputable accross S ON. It’s even being advertised on the euro which has up until this point not been showing much. If someone wants to start a thread for it they should.