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  1. Myself and the fams travelled through 95 in southern Virginny and North Carolina during the warnings. Sky got angry looking and then received multiple warnings for tornado storms. Exited 95 trying to find a suitable place to shelter. Kind of of hard in nowheresville. Definitely a little more serious than our fun earlier in the week at home. Just experienced heavy winds, twig & branch drops and significant rains. Kind of made me think about the large number of people traveling and limited places to shelter on a moment's notice. Fortunately for us, nothing happened. Listened to the Carolina skywarn channel on Broadcastify and it sounded like confirmed tornadoes to the west of where I was.
  2. Awoke to the blare of a tornado warning and this one was due west making a straight run my way. Since it was 3:25 am, decided to observe before waking up the household. Bunch of wind , heavy rain, no hail and one or two flashes of lightning with no thunder. Kept checking news, noaa, multiple radars an watched until the rains started to come in the open door. Went back to bed. Would not take liberties with a warmer summer conditions warning. A second round of storms went through later. These produced more thunder. Although we had no shortage of rain, it appeared that areas to the north saw more. There was more runoff, ponding and debris in storm drains.
  3. Happens, but not too often. Usually you need to wait until May for the severe stuff. That said, we've had severe events in winter months too. They were really irregular though. I should add that I'm talking about upper Hudson Valley NY.
  4. April 6th, 1982. This ranks in my top storms ever and quite honestly, the most insane storm I ever experienced. Although the 1993 sotc impacted far more people, it was tame (from where I saw it) by comparison. We started in the morning with no snow or scarcely any. By the time it became apparent that we should be sent home, the state police and dot said it was too dangerous and they closed the roads. Parents were picking up their kids by snowmobile. We all stayed in school and I didn't get home until 730 that night. I left for school with no snow on the ground and returned home to around 2 feet. Winds were howling with drifting like mad. The rates if snowfall had to be crazy since you could watch the snow accumulate by watching for a few minutes. When I got home, I dyed Easter eggs while it continued to come down lightly. The next day the temperature was in the teens with a biting wind. Drifts were over the top if buildings and it seemed to take a while to melt. Pretty nuts.
  5. Decent rate if snow with accumulations on grass. Then it turned to sleet and now plain old cold rain.
  6. Just returned from Saratoga to northern Columbia county. From Latham through Rensselaer county, conditions were terrible and visibility awful. The way the wind was blowing it seemed almost blizzard like conditions. One of the worst drives in the snow this year. And that was with a Subaru with good snow tires
  7. Just changed to snow here. Elevation 240 ft.
  8. April 1, 1997 was a great storm. April 6. 1982 was incredible. It can happen.
  9. First flakes began about 10 minutes ago northern Columbia county, NY. Interrupted my grilling.
  10. Well, well, Howdy nearby neighbor.
  11. Wind picking up and there's rain with possibly sleet and big splashes on the windshield which is almost wet snow. Can't tell whether the pings are sleet or graupel.
  12. Kelvin Heimholtz? Is that how they're formed?
  13. 25 degrees. Very light flour consistency snow falling. It's been snowing for 2.5 hours and there is maybe a 1/4 inch.
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