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  1. I am in Covington, Va today, SW Va near WV border. It is snowing here, maybe 1/2 inch so far, does not look to be any problem. Still nice to see before some snow.
  2. I was a math and computer science major, (although I know nothing now, I once knew something). I have had dabbled at assembler language programming, so while others cry and moan about these computer models I sit in awe, thinking "that is just effing amazing". The mathematical model is very simple, you have an infinite number of variables that are infinitely variable, what could go wrong? I can only guess the data currently going into the equation continually gets better and better, but probably still only represents a very small subset of what is really needed. As that grows and more is learned about how each of the infinite number of variables affects the others, the models will improve. Or my brother in law is right and the government will continue to maintain absolute control over the weather so the models are just for show.
  3. I think we have seen more of that discussion this year due to the lack of the coastal systems that start laying snow in NC and follow the coast giving everyone in the MA and NE a good snow. Most years we get a least a few runs at a system like that, some pan out, some don't, but I don't think we have seen anything like that this year. Breaking down the forum into further subregions will not benefit anything, but paying a little more attention to what region is being referenced in a post may help. Saying a hit or miss for the MA can be quite misleading, depending on where you are referencing.
  4. Well, if you cant have snow, then more of my favorite angry little elf and Lannister will suffice
  5. Please, give all the snow to the NE and northern MA, just no more 35 and rain here. Or no more any temp and rain here for a while. It would be nice to think I could once again run the lawn mower over the parched ground, trailing a plume of dust. So far this spring looks like it will just be mud maintenance.
  6. Our winter weather out of this system is no more fun than 35-40 with rain for days, but we did have a situation not so common. Four different advisories from NWS at one time, Areal flood watch, areal flood advisory, flood warning, and high wind advisory. Flood warning has expired, now we wait for the high winds with a saturated ground. As for cool equipment, this may pale in comparison, but I was thrilled to come across it. 4lb splitting maul on a 14" handle. I had a ton of dried pine to split into kindling, a regular hatchet was driving me crazy, I was going to sacrifice a cheap maul by cutting the handle, but found this. If it was not so wet and cold out I would be out there looking for more to split. Lights are flashing, may not have to wait for the high winds to loose power
  7. Is this saying the howling pacific jet stream may start to weaken its stranglehold on east coast winter storms? I see mainstream media is starting to mention it with the airliner hitting 801MPH https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2019/02/19/flight-reaches-mph-furious-jet-stream-packs-record-breaking-speeds/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.00010035a15c
  8. MBY in Roanoke has about 3 1/2, looks like we may miss out on the rain except for light drizzle. Still 30 so there is potential for freezing rain but it appears the bulk of the moisture is west of us for now.
  9. Started snowing now, very nice to see and glad to get some snow, just sad to know it will eventually turn to rain.
  10. Thats the beauty of knowing nothing, you just make it up. I was trying to type WSW, I'll blame autocorrect, not my old man thumbs that don't work so well on my iphone.
  11. I was going to get all offended until I realized that I screwed that up, blame it on autocorrect. Our area is under a winter storm warning, and about an hour ago we were at 44 with rain getting close on radar. Now that I am correcting my own bad post, I see the snow is getting closer, the temp is down to 40. Maybe we will see some snow
  12. We have a WWW, but looking at how close the rain is on radar with the temp at 44 it’s hard to believe we will get anything frozen
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