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  1. Surprise! Lol can confirm the heavy snow and thundersnow in South Terre Haute
  2. It's about to end here at the Shire. I would say close to 3 inches here. Winds have been strong the whole duration but are at their strongest here at this time. And I thought I'd get all rain waking up this morning!
  3. Lots of wind and at times near white out. By the eye I'd say two or slightly more inches here in Terre Haute. Nice little surprise.
  4. All snow in Terre Haute Edit: for the past 20 minutes
  5. It's been set mixing in here Terre Haute for 30 minutes or more.
  6. I'm pretty sure the roab map was empty on the west coast for 12z. If there was sampling it was minimal. There is a map posted pages back.
  7. I do believe the Nam will slow this down some. To the extent of the ICON or Globals that is to be determined. The storm is coming into the Nam's sights and details will get ironed out soon. The element of surprise though has no algorithm.
  8. Hopefully when the Nam gets in range it will sniff out a little cleaner phase between the branches. Benefit us all.....for the most part. Track looks good if you side with the UKIE/Euro/Ens combo.
  9. That split in Western Indiana at I-70 needs to go play ball elsewhere.
  10. Last thing we need here is ice. GHD was enough for me, although, it was the best sledding of my life at 21 years old!
  11. Sitting at 5 inches south side of Terre Haute, IN
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