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US Wild Weather

Extreme active pattern across the entire US continues, what does it mean for your region? Join the conversion


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  1. TheRealDavid

    February 12th-14th Winter Storm

    Hmm I don't remembering past February's being that much sunnier but you might be right. We're forecast to get some sunshine this weekend and early next week. Finally It's only an interlude though. Some mets are calling for this stormy La Nina-like pattern to continue for a bit, with a pattern change possibly at the end of the month/early March. At least there will be no shortage of trackable storms forthcoming but afterwards, I'm hoping for a drier, sunnier pattern. Of course I don't mind another big snowfall to close out this season
  2. TheRealDavid

    February 12th-14th Winter Storm

    ^^^ I’m the same way. If it’s not snowing, I want sunshine. Unfortunately such weather is rare in the Great Lakes. Instead, endless slate grey skies dominate our winters. Off topic: July and August are the only months I’ll give up sunshine. I’ll take an extremely wet pattern over a cool and dry pattern if it’s accompanied by consistent warmth.
  3. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    The cold looks to make a return but given the tendency of long lasting wave patterns to transpire in the current climate era, it may be slow to arrive. For the time being, the current pattern looks to be conducive for storms in the Great Lakes region. The latest GFS runs features a barrage of low pressure systems tracking through the area
  4. EC and TWC have backed off slightly on the chance of t-storms. TWN doesn't have t-storms in the forecast at all. The GFS and NAM models still gives us a chance. I hate out of season weather as much as any other person, but a t-storm to cap off this exciting stretch of weather would be sweet Edit: Both EC and TWC has removed any chance of t-storms for Toronto still holding out hope but not looking good
  5. EC is calling for potentially the first t-storm of 2019 Thurs night-Friday GFS does look juicy If it happens, it would cap off one of the most entertaining stretches of weather in a while.
  6. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    An even better day today in Toronto! Also, we gained another 2 minutes of daylight Get out and enjoy the 30 cm snowpack tomorrow, because it might whittle down to around 5 cm, or even be down to piles only, after this:
  7. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    A cold but beautiful day in Toronto On another note, I think we got more sunshine this week than all of January 2017.
  8. TheRealDavid

    January 28th 29th Clipper

    Not a fan of excessively snowy conditions as a commuter (prefer light to moderate snowfalls) but the weather geek side of me is loving it
  9. TheRealDavid

    January 28th 29th Clipper

    Yeah if you value your sanity, don’t look at the latest GFS runs, yikes edit: euro keeps us below freezing
  10. TheRealDavid

    January 23-24 precipitation event

    Yeah, I don't think it'll be wiped out completely. I could be overestimating what a humid airmass would do to a snowpack but I still think a significant amount of snow will be wiped out. Though it looks like there will be enough snow on the backside of the system that would restore the snowpack a little.
  11. TheRealDavid

    January 23-24 precipitation event

    I think we need to watch the dewpoint. Latest GFS has a 12 hour stretch of above 0C DP. IMO humid air is a bigger snow eater than warm temps and sunshine in January.
  12. TheRealDavid

    January 19th-21st Winter Storm

    ^^^ Nice! Ended up with a rather pedestrian amount of snow here in North York. Too lazy to go outside to measure but I’d say it’s comparable to the November storm.
  13. TheRealDavid

    January 19th-21st Winter Storm

    Please no, I’ve had enough of rain this winter It’s still a few days away so theres still time for it to change
  14. TheRealDavid

    Spring 2019

    Thanks for starting up the thread! From the winter thread...
  15. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    I'd be ok with another cool March-April if we got a warm May-June combo like in 2012. (Edit: let me clarify, I meant May-June 2012 not the full March-June 2012) We've had really warm Mays lately but it's been a while since we've had a super warm June that followed a really warm May. On a different note, I love how we're all talking about spring in the winter thread. Shows how boring this winter has been. I guess I'm partly to blame since I brought back the topic. Does anyone want to do the honour of starting up the Spring 2019 thread? The US side already did.