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White Christmas?

Tracking latest odds and possible events for the holidays


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  1. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    Yeah we're overdue for an early spring. Sadly I think it's going to be more like 2015 I picked those 2 years solely based on the forecasted ENSO. I didn't choose 2015 simply because February 2015 was a once-in-a-lifetime month, and its effects were felt in the following months.
  2. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    The last 1/3 of December looks active with up and down temperatures.
  3. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    ^^^ For the rest of 2019 my personal analogs are 2003 and 1987.
  4. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    Yeah this must be what it feels like to live in the Rockies. It looks like we might finally be entering a period of drier, sunnier weather At least compared to the pattern we’re in. Cfs weeklies has drier than normal conditions for us in the next 2 weeks, JMA too although it’s slightly wetter than Cfs for the coming week December as a whole will be drier for us according to Euro GFS has high pressure dominating TWN, TWC, EC has a few sunny days in a row coming up. When was the last time we’ve seen that?
  5. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    Yeah lovin the sunshine today Whatever happens, I just want an extended dry and sunny spell. Be it a torch or an Arctic blast. This cloudy stretch is just too depressing.
  6. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    I'm hoping for an Arctic blast or two. It seems like that's the only way to get full sunshine these days
  7. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

  8. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    You can get the tweet to show by directly pasting the URL. Don't insert it as a link.
  9. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    Yeah he's one of the more cold biased mets out there. Based on other outlooks/models, it looks like he should've gone with his usual warm west/cold east forecast.
  10. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    Dr. Cohen's much anticipated winter forecast is out. He has a slightly above average winter for Southern Ontario. Interestingly, he has a warmer north, colder south as opposed to, say, warm west/cold east, though he has a larger coverage of above average temps for the east.
  11. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    Currently -7C feeling like -12C. Sunniest day in a while so I'll take it!
  12. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019 | Outlooks and Discussion

    I agree with Anthony. However I’m not a fan of the CPC outlooks because they’re probability maps. To me they’re glorified confidence maps. For example, if you have 33% of above average temps in an area, there’s still a 66% chance of it being normal or below average. And the fact that the forecast is right whether it’s 0.1 or 10 above average. It’s just lazy.
  13. TheRealDavid

    Winter 2018-2019

    Latest JMA is out and it's trending drier for the Great Lakes, joining the Euro. Keep in mind we can still be snowier than normal in a drier than normal winter. We just might not have much in the way of rain storms.
  14. I believe that's what knothern knight meant. As you can see there's already a topic up at https://wxdisco.com/forums/forum/18-canada/ . There's a Start new topic button for new threads. So the regional forums would only be used for localized systems. For example, west coast Pineapple Express events, summer t-storms that would only impact one region (lake breeze t-storms, severe weather in the prairies, etc), Atlantic tropical remnants, to name a few. I think we should also have a general banter thread similar to the seasonal threads at Accuwx.
  15. Agree. Winter storms should be posted in the top-level forums while the regional forums should only contain highly localized systems such as summer t-storms. Can a mod move some of the threads over?