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  1. I leave for the Southwest tomorrow. We haven’t even reached 80 yet here in Toronto so this would be a shock to the system
  2. It’s a beautiful day indeed Above average conditions to close out the month, more so due to warm overnight lows Enjoy it because look what’s coming after it A side note, it’s hard to see how Atlantic Canada would end up with an AN summer if troughs like that keep happening. A trend towards more ridging is possible but time is running out. As for July, here are the analog years that I’ve seen from mets. Might have to shift it south and east given the pattern for this year. Also the Lakes are wetter this year so the anomalies may have to be biased lower
  3. Oh yeah, didn’t think of that Yeah I would like the warmest days to happen on the longest days of the year as well but further to Knightraven’s point, heatwaves in the latter 2/3 tend to be more powerful, and I like extreme heat, so I am conflicted You’d have to change your name to Sungeek93
  4. Did a quick calculation and it’s mostly common sense but assuming June finishes BN, and it is well on track to finish BN, then July and August would need to be considerably hotter than last year’s in order for the above average forecasts (>1F/0.5C) to verify. If we merely mirror last year’s latter 2/3 of summer, which is already hot to begin with (though skewed by warm overnight lows), then the average for this summer would ultimately only wind up on the higher end of normal. Again this is contingent on a BN June, but all of the forecasts calling for a warm summer will likely bust. Even if the summer does not finish above average, the prevailing opinion among forecasters is a summer of the back-loaded variety, so things should go up from here and currently, the only way it can go is up.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is lake effect working in our favour
  6. A few nice days ahead before yet another wet stretch for Southern Ontario. Only this time it’ll be a true summer pattern with increased humidity and warm overnight lows.
  7. Precisely. This summer has been sorely lacking in warmth. I’m craving beach days and sultry nights. You know, proper summer weather Haha I admit it was a rather rash statement and there’s plenty of summer left. I know there are forecasts calling for a warmer back half of summer (after all, I’ve posted about them) but with the Nino still going strong and with every modelled warmup failing to materialize, I am losing hope.
  8. Euro is calling for a 19C high on Thursday with most of the day spent in the mid teens. The Canadian has a 15C high, to be reached in the morning. Should we start the countdown to winter 2019-2020?
  9. aaand they're now going with a hybrid forecast by lowering the high to 17C and the prospect of t-storms during the day. Like EC, TWN has lowered the high to 18C while taking away t-storm chances. So far in June, TWC, an American outlet, has had the most accurate short-range forecasts for Toronto. TWN and EC both better step up their game.
  10. A much better day at 24/12 in contrast to the absurdly dry 24/-1 high yesterday, albeit with filtered sunshine. TWN is calling for 20C with a chance of t-storms, EC is forecasting 23C w/high humidity, and TWC has a very rainy 16C day for tomorrow. Bad if you’re heading downtown to watch the playoffs. I’ll take TWN and TWC’s forecasts over EC’s as they’ve been terrible this year. However, I feel like we’ve busted low on rainfall many times and that has allowed the forecast high to overachieve, so EC’s forecast could very well verify.
  11. ^^^ Yes! if there’s one thing, it’s that the humidity is too low but that’s nitpicking really
  12. Yeah it looks Ugly with a capital u. Some models are calling for a relaxation later in week 2 but all models agree on a prolonged period devoid of major warmth. I’ll be in California and Vegas in the latter third of the month and it looks like I picked a good time to head west. There will be plenty of heat there for sure I agree. Id rather fast forward to winter and skip summer and fall altogether, if we’re just going to get crappy weather like this.
  13. So close yet so far. It’ll be significantly warmer inland Regarding the top tweet, yeah, EC’s forecasts are bad. I remember that another Toronto met also called them out on their bad forecasts. Further in the thread are Farnell’s summer thoughts. I wonder if he’ll be releasing a summer outlook this year. Otherwise, this might be the only forecast we’ll get from him
  14. The BCC model is calling for above average temps for the 10 day period ending on the 15th. It's been on the money with it forecasting BN conditions for the majority of the late-spring (though there's a possibility it's cold biased) and it has only flipped to AN for this period on the previous run. The GFSes are warmer for this timeframe as well.
  15. Undoubtedly, May finishes with below average sunshine in Southern Ontario. We didn’t have it as bad as areas to our southwest granted those places normally receives more sun than us
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