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  1. Euro too. Also good to see the west join in on the fun
  2. So much for the cool start to August. It does appear that there is a major cool down following the next warm spell, yet we've been seeing that all season long and it ends up being a transient cold shot.
  3. Or maybe not? A 1-2 week reprieve per Euro. Cohen also thinks it’ll get warm/hot again
  4. Just a beautiful day, a stormy morning which gave way to mostly pleasant conditions in the afternoon. Currently 28/23 at Toronto Pearson. I love days like today And yes, I do have wacky weather preferences
  5. Might be a short summer if this comes to fruition
  6. Kinda off-topic but I’m genuinely surprised that on a weather forum, there aren’t more people who enjoy all 4 seasons. It seems like everyone here is either a cold lover or a heat lover. Major warmth in the east coming in the 2nd half of the month? +EPO (and -PNA though in July it’s more of a signal for cool weather in the west rather than warmth in the east)
  7. Damn, jealous of you Hamiltonians meanwhile here at Toronto we had a max dew of 24 which is not too bad as well If you’re a fan of humid heat like me, enjoy the rest of today and tomorrow. The next warm spell looks to be of the drier variety.
  8. I could be misremembering but last summer, models kept retrograding the eastern ridge in the longer range, which never ended up happening. I'm not saying that it would happen again this year but it reminds me a bit of that and what might transpire a second time. If the latest CFS and JMA are to be believed, July could actually finish solidly above average. Normally, one would laugh it off but both models have just flipped warmer after runs and runs of below average conditions for the Great Lakes region
  9. Rather cloudy today although very warm and humid with a T/Td reading of 26/19 at 5pm. I know I'm definitely in the minority but I enjoy the occasional swampy day like today. The CFS calls for an average July temperature-wise for the Great Lakes region The above forecast could end up verifying, as long as we don't get a super cold finish to the month. The Euro and the GFS have a warm few days coming up, offset by a subsequent cooler period
  10. I leave for the Southwest tomorrow. We haven’t even reached 80 yet here in Toronto so this would be a shock to the system
  11. It’s a beautiful day indeed Above average conditions to close out the month, more so due to warm overnight lows Enjoy it because look what’s coming after it A side note, it’s hard to see how Atlantic Canada would end up with an AN summer if troughs like that keep happening. A trend towards more ridging is possible but time is running out. As for July, here are the analog years that I’ve seen from mets. Might have to shift it south and east given the pattern for this year. Also the Lakes are wetter this year so the anomalies may have to be biased lower
  12. Oh yeah, didn’t think of that Yeah I would like the warmest days to happen on the longest days of the year as well but further to Knightraven’s point, heatwaves in the latter 2/3 tend to be more powerful, and I like extreme heat, so I am conflicted You’d have to change your name to Sungeek93
  13. Did a quick calculation and it’s mostly common sense but assuming June finishes BN, and it is well on track to finish BN, then July and August would need to be considerably hotter than last year’s in order for the above average forecasts (>1F/0.5C) to verify. If we merely mirror last year’s latter 2/3 of summer, which is already hot to begin with (though skewed by warm overnight lows), then the average for this summer would ultimately only wind up on the higher end of normal. Again this is contingent on a BN June, but all of the forecasts calling for a warm summer will likely bust. Even if the summer does not finish above average, the prevailing opinion among forecasters is a summer of the back-loaded variety, so things should go up from here and currently, the only way it can go is up.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is lake effect working in our favour
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