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Spring Fever Spreading

Will Spring be on time for your region? Join the Conversation >> Long Range Spring Outlook


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  1. TheRealDavid

    Spring 2019

  2. TheRealDavid

    Spring 2019

    Yeah, it looks like the forecasts that are calling for a warm late April and early May are going to bust. The possible warmth that I alluded to earlier may also just be a 1-2 day thing before a trough swings back in. Or it might not even happen at all. All in all, a miserable period of weather. Hoping the 2nd half of May brings better weather to our area.
  3. TheRealDavid

    Spring 2019

    The Pacific Rule? (forget the exact name) technique, developed by a few members of this board, is sniffing out a period of very warm conditions
  4. TheRealDavid

    Spring 2019

  5. TheRealDavid

    Summer 2019

    TWC released their prelim summer outlook. W/same ideas as TWN and Weatherbell, warmer conditions for the coasts/cooler in the interior. Wxbell has the coolest anomalies over the central Great Plains whereas TWN & TWC has it farther north. It seems most outlets are basing their outlooks off the NMME (linked in one of my previous posts) and the Euro (below) Additionally Nino climo suggests that there’s roughly a 50/50 chance of the coolest anomalies centred over either the plains or the Midwest. It looks like the former outcome will be more probable for summer 2019.
  6. TheRealDavid

    Spring 2019

    Overachieved at Toronto Pearson with a high of 22C it felt a bit muggy as well. It was a nice birthday gift
  7. TheRealDavid

    Spring 2019

    Now THIS is a thunderstorm
  8. TheRealDavid

    Spring 2019

    It's a miserable day for sure. I hope we at least get a thunderstorm out of this system. There's a chance per Chris Scott It looks like a very mild and rainy pattern will establish early next week and it looks like it will be the pattern for the foreseeable future. I'd say, bring it It's getting to the time of year when I'll start rooting for any warmer than normal pattern, even if it comes with a lot of rain. The latest GFS runs have trended warmer in the fantasy range for the east. It wouldn't surprise me if we see a 20C day or 2 in the 2nd half of April. The latest NAEFS is also on board with warmer conditions in the east. Let's see if the next updates for the weeklies concur with the aforementioned GFS and the NAEFS. As I've mentioned before, the GFS have been too extreme at either end with it's forecasts lately, ie too warm or too cold, so the actual temps may end up being closer to climo.
  9. TheRealDavid

    Spring 2019

    The forecasted cool spell doesn’t look as bad as it did a few days ago. The tendency has been for any modelled warmup or cool down to eventually moderate to climo.
  10. TheRealDavid

    End Of Snow?

    Had brief sun showers throughout the day, snow falling and melting at the same time.
  11. TheRealDavid

    Spring 2019

    A nice change of pace from the boring mild weather we've been having lately, that's for sure Hoping for some real warmth in the near future but barring that, I'd like more sunshine please!
  12. TheRealDavid

    End Of Snow?

    Might as well end this winter with a bang. With the late March/early April sun itll be gone within 2 days anyways.
  13. TheRealDavid

    Spring 2019

    It’s been absolutely beautiful the past few days Super dry as well, a result of strong HP over us. Snow cover almost gone in Southern Ontario. Still going strong in Eastern Ontario, however. Ottawa is having a banner year in that regard.
  14. TheRealDavid

    Spring 2019

    Ideally every season should be mid-loaded. Although If I was forced to choose between front or back loaded (talking in terms of warmth, except for winter obvs) Front-loaded winters. I'd like the holidays to feel wintry. Seems to be the common sentiment here. Back-loaded springs. While I also hate delayed springs, I'd rather have more warmth when the days are longer. Delayed gratification Back-loaded summers, because late season heatwaves tends to pack more punch in terms of heat and humidity. Front-loaded falls, to extend the warm season. I'm not interested in a warm 2nd half of the season.
  15. TheRealDavid

    Spring 2019

    Oh don’t get me wrong, I’d like a warm spring from start to finish a la 2012 (though that was more of a book end spring). However, if a balance needs to be achieved, a backloaded spring would be more preferable to a front loaded spring imo. Warm weather + long days = paradise