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  1. Getting some big flakes here now just outside of DC.
  2. Just shoveled about 1.5 inches of wet snow. Still some light/moderate snow coming down.
  3. Probably because it's not really impacting the North East, where I believe a lot of our users are.
  4. Latest prediction from the Capital Weather Gang https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2019/02/18/wednesdays-winter-storm-heres-how-much-snow-ice-expect-when/?utm_term=.49a20391e79f
  5. Snowing here just outside of DC. Grass and cars are coated, but not sticking to the driveway or street.
  6. We have around an inch here just outside of DC.
  7. Final count is just around 10 inches for me. I will throw together the time lapse later in the week.
  8. Heavy snow here near DC. Easily over 7 inches maybe close to 8.
  9. Just about 6 inches here. Still some light snow coming down.
  10. 5 inches so far here just outside of DC. Don't think my weather station will be picking up any wind for a bit.
  11. about 1.5 inches so far just outside of DC. I have a GoPro set up for a time lapse. Will post when the storm is over.
  12. NWS Sterling upped their projected totals for DC. Saying 6-8 for the area. https://www.weather.gov/images/lwx/winter/StormTotalSnowWeb.png
  13. Snow map from NBC4 in DC
  14. Removed *I Posted wrong the map*
  15. DC Met Doug Kammerer is live on Facebook talking the storm. He is thinking south of the DC area https://www.facebook.com/dougkammerer/videos/1179386225557697/
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