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  1. Beautiful morning. Perfect temp and humidity. Wanted to drive right past work and just keep cruising.
  2. I'm joining the 2020 summer Olympics. I set a new personal record this morning leaving for work with the long jump from the curb out to the street hurdling the gutter river.
  3. At least the 12z GFS improved over the 6z in regards to accumulated precip Getting really tired of this rain, I can't get anything done outside 6z 12z
  4. I noticed last weekend NJ mosquitos are very different than PA mosquitos. They were out in full force last weekend in PA, if i stopped moving for more than 2 seconds, I was covered. The weird part was they didn't bite too quickly or often, only ended up with a few bites. In NJ there are much less, but they are built with insta-bite. As soon as they hit the skin, BAM you're done. Mr. Miyagi himself couldn't even defend against NJ skeeters. Must be the NJ water giving them mutant super powers. Yea, i'll stick with that.
  5. I was just looking at the "seabreeze" front too. Here it is animated, you can clearly see the different layers.
  6. Convection really starting to fire up, another interesting evening underway. Stay safe everyone.
  7. I can deal with drizzle or showers, the heavy downpours are what get annoying. Takes days for the ground to recover from being a soaked sponge with puddles around.
  8. I was a little concerned the already saturated ground and plenty of new rain the past couple weeks was going to disrupt spring growth but the lawn and trees seem to be coming in strong. The mud pits are recovering (for now).
  9. I put the shovels away, took the plow off the atv and fertilized/cleaned up the yard over the weekend. Officially over winter 2018/19. Now i just hope we have a drier spring/summer than last year Oh, and congrats to those to the north still going strong with winter. If you're over it already, my condolences.
  10. On Sunday several thousand acres burned in south Jersey Pinelands. When I went outside Sunday night, it was clearly smoky outside with a haze around any lights and could strongly smell smoke. I am 75 miles north of where the fire was, pretty crazy.
  11. Picked up about 3" in PA as it is wrapping up now. Very wet sticky snow, looks nice stuck to everything.
  12. I will be in PA this weekend, sure hope i don't see the 3/4 inch of ice the NAM is spitting out for me in NEPA. But, these NAM ice maps never seem to come to fruition (except for MDBR in the nosebleeds of Maryland).
  13. Sun was out and it snowing moderately a little bit ago. Not something you get see often.
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